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DS 4 and DS 4 Crossback colours guide and prices

The DS 4 hatchback makes for an intriguing Gallic alternative to the likes of the Audi A3 Sportback. Formerly part of the Citroen range, DS models are now positioned as a part of their own distinct brand, with eye-catching styling and beautifully crafted interiors as two of the range’s biggest plus-points.

The DS 4 lineup also includes the Crossback, an SUV-inspired model which, thanks to a raised ride height, gains a slightly smoother ride quality compared to the regular hatch. A wide range of colours is available for each, including contrasting finishes for the roof and door mirrors.

Solid paint finishes

Generally the cheapest finishes in the range, solid paints are ideal if colour isn’t of particular concern to you, or if you’d prefer to spend the money on other more practical options.

Polar White (£0)

The cheapest colour option in the DS 4 range, Polar White will save you money up front, but the lack of ‘metallic paint’ in any used car listing might affect its value in future.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that white cars are a complete nightmare to keep clean – it’s not a shade for the sponge-shy!

Metallic paint finishes

A little metallic flake stirred into the paint mix transforms a finish from a simple gloss look into something which appears to have much greater depth. Each of the DS 4’s seven metallic options are priced at £520.

Ruby red metallic (£520)

A deep red finish won’t be the best shade for hiding the dirt, but many used car buyers should find this colourful choice appealing on a sporty-looking hatchback. Ruby Red metallic is available for the DS 4 hatchback, but not the Crossback.

Cumulus Grey Metallic (£520)

A simple silver finish should have a pretty wide appeal, so owners should have little trouble moving the car on, whether that be through a private sale or when trading it in with a main dealer. Silver seems to do a pretty admirable job of hiding the dirt, too, which is a plus.

Perla Nera Black Metallic (£520)

Metallic black cars look great when they’re clean and polished, but beware – the tiniest scratches show up very clearly if you’re not careful.

Regardless of the meticulous maintenance needed to keep its shine, black cars are universally popular on the used car market, so it’ll hold its value well.

Platinum Grey Metallic (£520)

A gunmetal finish is one of the most popular choices on UK roads at the moment. As a result, your local dealer will likely be keen to take a Platinum Grey DS 4 as a trade-in when the time comes to move on. It’s a shade which seems to mask road grime pretty effectively, so cleaning needn’t be high on the agenda.

Whisper Purple Metallic (£520)

A colour used across the DS range, Whisper Purple is dark enough to do a reasonable job of masking dirt, but will need a thorough polish to keep it looking its best.

It’s more common to see the smaller DS 3 in this shade, but it should find enough fans for it not to harm residual values.

Ink Blue Metallic (£520)

Blue cars are among the most common on the market, following behind only white, grey and black. Its popularity should mean Ink Blue is a fairly easy option to sell on when you decide to find a replacement.

Tourmaline Orange (£520)

As Tourmaline Orange is only available with the Crossback models, it should be quite a rare sight on our roads. This rarity should mean that it’ll hold its value fairly well against the other options in the range.

Special paint finishes

If you want to add a little extra personal touch to the DS 4, an extra a pearlescent paint finish is available, as is the possibility for buyers to add contrasting paint shades to any of the existing colors above.

Pearl White Pearlescent (£730)

Pearlescent finishes really sparkle in bright light, which means that many buyers will find it more desirable than the more basic Polar White. It’ll be just as hard to clean though, and at £730, you’ll need to be a big fan to consider it worthwhile.

Contrast pack (£350)

Find monotone cars a little too plain for your tastes? The DS 4 might be the car for you – for an extra £350, buyers are able to have the roof and door mirrors painted in one of four options.

Our image shows the contrast in Tourmaline Orange, but it’s also possible to have them coloured in Whisper Purple, Virtual Blue or Nera Black.

Find out more

Found the perfect colour for you? If you’d like to learn a little more about this French premium hatch, take a look at the DS 4 deals page for all of the in-depth opinions. You might be able to save some cash on a new model, too! If you’d like to find out about some of the DS 4’s rivals, our car chooser is here to help.


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