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Eterniti Motors – Who are they?

Eterniti Motors today released the most mysterious and least informative press release weve ever read. So we thought wed share what we were sent and see what we can find out about them.

Well start off by printing the press release in full, it wont take long:

The New Luxury Car Brand

A new luxury car brand is coming.

A different kind of luxury car brand.

A luxury car brand from London.

Eterniti Motors.

Thats it. Plus one oddly drawn sketch of what appears to be a 5-door SUV.

The Twitter reaction has been rather amusing, with @CraigThomas questioning how Infiniti will react to their choice of name. Personally we think its just about the chavviest name they could have chosen, with @VenturaBlvd replying saying it sounds like a jewellery brand from Argos.

From watching the video, it seems the model name will be the Hemera, which is almost as bad at the Pagani Huayra. CJ Hubbard describes the name rather nicely as sounding painful.

A tiny bit of detective work reveals that one of the men behind it is an ex-Ferrari and Maserati Technician at Maranello Sales, the Ferrari garage in Surrey and Foskers, an independent Ferrari garage.

The publically available Who.Is of their website gives a little away. It lists the admin as a Joyce Wang. Though there is a link from the of her email address domain to Gruppem Investments PLC, which is an investment group which invests in the retail of luxury motor cars in the Peoples Republic of China.

The CEO of Gruppem Investment is listed as Kenny Jen-Te Chen, who a quick Google suggests it may be the same one who is CEO of Aston Martin in China. This Press Release from Aston Martin suggests the companies may be even closer linked, with Gruppem Investments running the franchise for the brand in China.

The Investment Group also owns a large Porsche dealership in China as well as GruppeM Racing, which has won both the British GT and FIA GT and manufacturers performance car parts.

So perhaps this mysterious company does have a wealthy company behind it as well as a history of motorsport. All will become apparent on the 14th September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, when they reveal their work. We’re looking forward to seeing what they unveil.

TheTruthAboutCars have been doing some extra digging on the Gruppem Investment company we uncovered. They found a rathy murky history, it was once a listed company but has now delisted. Despite winning the franchise rights for China, their Aston Martin China site has not been updated since 2008 and it looks like they haven’t been overly succesful having only opened two Aston Martin dealerships in China (Compared to 11 for Ferrari and over 25 for Porsche).

Bertel Schmitt, from TheTruthAboutCars, also got an official response which stated that they will offer handmade interiors and be a rival to the ‘space that Bentley and Lagonda are talking about going after’, which is super-luxurys SUVs.

Twitter Spoof

Somebody had a little fun by setting up a twitter accounts that claimed to be Eterniti Motors. They tweeted some ubsubtle hints that they were working with Red Bull.

They also tweeted to say that in Asia the brand will be known as ‘Eterniti Hngni’, which Google Translate turns into ‘Eterniti Red Bull’.

This twitter news was all proved to be fake when another Eterniti Motors accounts popped up on Twitter, this one could be proved to be real though, as they set up a link from the official Eterniti website that links to the new, real Twitter account.So the Red Bull link is, well, bull.

Possible Infiniti Link

There has been a lot of speculation over whether Eterniti and Infiniti are linked. The main fuel for this rumour is that their press conferences for Frankfurt Motor show are at the same time. There’s also the fact that Infiniti have worked with Red Bull and that the two names are very similar. Bertel Schmitt, from TheTruthAboutCars, has contacted his trustworthy Infiniti sources in the US who outright deny anything to do with them, CJ Hubbard has also contacted his Infiniti EU sources who also deny it.

Update (5th September)

Eterniti have just released their second official press statement. It states that the Hemera will feature Limo like back seats, with iPads and a drinks cooler built in. Not only that, it will also be fun to drive and have 4×4 rugedness. The engineering team is led by Alastair MacQueen, who helped develop the Jaguar XJ220, and has also won Le Mans. They also have an F1 driver, Johnny Herbert, who has also won Le Mans as well as a couple of Grand Prixs. Herbert will help Eterniti in developing their models.

The cars will be completely built in London, with first deliveries made in 2012.

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