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Fiat 124 Spider sizes and dimensions guide

The Fiat 124 Spider is an all-new roadster from the Italian brand, designed to inject some excitement into a line-up primarily focusing on city cars and couple of 500-based models. We’re big fans of this fun and affordable model, but will it appeal to a wide range of buyers too?

To help you decide, we’ve pulled together dimensions data for the 124 Spider so you’ve got the information at your fingertips. It’ll save you breaking out the tape measure in the dealership, and it should give you an idea on whether the Fiat will fit in your garage!

Fiat 124 Spider exterior dimensions

With a length of just 4.05 metres, the 124 Spider is very compact for a sports car and is only the size of a supermini. It’s a little longer than the Mazda MX-5, with which it shares a lot of parts, but it’s still perfectly sized for city streets and supermarket parking bays.

It’s worth noting that the Fiat is a very low car car, so you may feel a little exposed in traffic. Owners with reduced mobility may also find it tricky getting in and out, but then that’s par for the course with this type of vehicle.

Exterior dimensions
Length 4,054mm
Width 1,740mm
Height 1,233mm

Fiat 124 Spider interior dimensions and boot space

Fiat hasn’t actually released much material on the specific interior dimensions of the 124 Spider, but there’s a good amount of space for two passengers, although the extremely tall may find that there’s not much in the way of headroom with the roof in place.

In terms of luggage space, the Fiat has very little. There’s just 140-litres of boot space, and although that’s 10-litres more than the MX-5, it still lags notably behind other larger roadsters like the BMW Z4, and that has a folding metal roof to contend with! Still, there should be enough room for weekend luggage for two, and there’s a few cubbies around the cabin as well.

Boot space
Boot space 140 litres

Fiat 124 Spider fuel tank and turning circle

A fuel tank of 45 litres is surprisingly big for such a small car, and is about comparable to the average supermini. With the Fiat’s claimed fuel economy of 44.1mpg, this means a potential range of 522 miles – that’s a lot for a car this size!

The turning circle of 9.4 metres is superb, and goes to show just how direct the 124 Spider’s steering actually is – making it ideal for tight parking spaces on sun-baked Italian coast roads. Combined with those small dimensions, this could make a surprisingly good choice as a city car.

Fuel tank and turning circle
Fuel tank 45 litres
Turning circle 9.4 metres

Fiat 124 Spider weight

The Fiat 124 Spider doesn’t employ any high-tech materials or weight saving measures, yet it’s still an incredibly lightweight car. In fact, it’s not much heavier than the original MX-5, and is actually 10kg less than the current car, too. It seems probable that the automatic version will be a bit portlier, but Fiat hasn’t released that information yet.

Weight 1,050 kg

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