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Ford Edge SUV colours guide and prices

The Ford Edge is a large, comfortable SUV that combines a spacious five-seater cabin with a practical 602-litre boot. If you’ve decided this Volvo XC60 and Land Rover Discovery Sport rival is your perfect new car, read our complete colours guide for the details of every available shade – pick the right colour and your car will not only stay looking clean for a long time, but it should prove easy to sell on when the time comes.

If you’d like more information on the different paint finishes on offer, read our car paint types guide or build your ideal one using our Ford Edge configurator to see how much you could save when you buy a new car with carwow.

Standard solid colours

Oxford White – £0

This simple solid white does little to disguise the Edge’s large size but cars in this shade should prove easy to sell on when the time comes. To keep such a light shade looking its best, however, you should be prepared to clean it regularly.

Premium metallic colours

Nautilus Blue – £545

Metallic Nautilus Blue is an elegant hue that’s both understated and stylish, especially when paired with the chrome grille of Zetec and Titanium models. Furthermore, it should hide road grime for a decent length of time and dark colours such as this should prove popular among second-hand buyers.

Ingot Silver – £545

This metallic silver shade is closer to a subdued grey than a flashy chrome and it looks especially smart on Sport models with their black trim pieces and dark alloy wheels. Silver shades are unlikely to scare away used car buyers, but cars with such light-coloured paintwork won’t stay looking clean for long.

Kona Blue – £545

Kona Blue is a deep, almost purple, shade that will certainly help your Edge to stand out in a crowd. Filthy roads will likely make less of an impression on paintwork this dark and finding a buyer should be easy when the time comes to sell your car.

Magnetic – £545 (not available on Sport models)

Magnetic is a grey shade that should prove popular among second-hand car buyers and will stay looking clean without too much effort. It arguably lacks the charisma of some brighter colours but its subtlety gives the Edge a distinguished appearance – it’s not available on Sport models, however.

Electric Spice – £545

Bright colours such as Electric Spice won’t be able to conceal dirt as well as understated grey shades and its boldness may make it difficult to find a buyer when the time comes to sell. This rich yellow hue does, however, look tremendous in bright sunlight and should ensure you never lose your Edge in a crowded car park.

Shadow Black – £545

If a stealthy SUV is what you’re after, an Edge Sport in shadow black looks suitably menacing. Black cars often prove easy to sell when you’re ready to replace your car but be prepared for regular cleaning sessions if you want this dark paintwork to stay looking its best.

Exclusive Metallic colours

Ruby Red – £675

Ruby Red is a bright pinkish shade that gives the Edge an individual character – if you’re looking for a hassle-free sale in a few years time it might be best to avoid this hue, however. It should do a fairly average job of hiding dirt and grime.

Bronze Fire – £675

When it comes to looking clean for a long time, few colours will do as good a job as this dark Bronze Fire brown – as a result, it would be a good choice for fleet or business users. Finding a buyer for an Edge in this shade may not prove as easy as a more restrained grey or silver but, compared to slightly garish reds and yellows, we expect no significant headaches.

White Platinum – £825

White Platinum caters for buyers looking for a white Edge with the added sparkle of a metallic finish. It may give your car a more premium feel than the standard Oxford White paint but we don’t expect you’ll be able to recover this significant initial cost when the time comes to sell. Keeping a white car clean will require regular visits to the carwash, too.

Save money on your new Ford Edge

If you’ve chosen the perfect colour for your new car, use our Ford Edge configurator to get it for a great price. If you’re not sure what car to buy, check out our deals page and helpful car chooser tool.

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