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Ford Mondeo Vignale colours guide and prices

Are you a fan of the Ford Mondeo, but wished it was just a little bit more fancy? If so, Ford has answered your prayers with its new Vignale sub-brand.

Through the addition of higher quality interior materials, more thorough quality control and a comprehensive customer service package, the Vignale has seen Ford aim the Mondeo Vignale at upmarket opposition such as the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class.

It comes in a more business-like range of colours than the standard Mondeo does, so we’ve gone through the Vignale colours to show how much extra they cost and what they look like.

Metallic finishes

The selection of exterior colours aim to reflect the Vignale’s premium stance. All four hues gain a metallic finish: tiny pieces of metal flake are mixed into the paint to lend it a real sparkle in bright light.

Vignale Black – £0

Despite the name change, this metallic black isn’t unique to the Vignale – throughout the rest of the Ford range it is known as Panther Black. It’s hard to go wrong with black generally, and the chrome trim accents dotted about the Vignale prevent it from looking too gloomy. We would, however, recommend steering clear of it on the Estate version – it makes it look a little too much like a hearse.

Vignale Silver – £0

The second of two paint finishes available as a no-cost option, Vignale Silver (also known as Magnetic Silver) gives the Vignale the most grown-up appearance of the four colour options. It’s also a colour that very few people will actively dislike, so it shouldn’t offend any prospective buyers on the used market.

Vignale Nocciola – £250

If only because this is the only colour choice that is actually unique to the Vignale, Nocciola is perhaps the shade we’d pick above the other three options. The gold/brown metallic shade is quite fashionable for high-end cars at the moment, and if you’re spending top dollar on a Mondeo, why not make it stand out from the regular car?

Vignale White – £545

At £545, Vignale White is the priciest paint choice here. The special metallic shade is known as Platinum White in the rest of Ford’s catalogues, and gains a very subtle silver-tinted clearcoat which gives the car a deep, expensive-looking finish on close inspection. Although white cars don’t quite have the same “bargain basement” connotations they once did, to our eyes seeing a large, white saloon car still doesn’t quite seem right. We’d suggest saving money and going for either Nocciola or Silver.

The Mondeo’s Sunday best

Would you like to find out more about the Vignale? Our full review compiles the opinions from the experts on what it’s like to drive and live with. Then you could head over to our deals page to search for the most competitive offers from Ford dealers across the UK.

Ford Mondeo Vignale

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