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How to write the perfect advert to sell your car

A simple best practice guide of what to include in a classified car advert and how to write it. Following these steps should mean you sell your car quickly, with no hassle and for a great price.

Taking the time to add all of the details below will show potential buyers youre a serious seller, so we reckon its definitely worth the effort!

What to include

– The make, model and engine type

Find the proper engine name, e.g. 1.6 TDI instead of 1.6 Diesel.

– The registration year date

For instance 52 reg, M reg.

– Last MOT date

Explain when the last MOT was carried out and when the next is due.

– Last service date

Plus whether it has a full service history

– What owner number you are

Say if youre the 1st, 2nd, 3rd owner etc…

– State the colour

Find the exact name of the paint colour, you can normally find it on a black/silver sticker on the inside of one of the front doors.

– How many sets of keys you have left

Theyre very expensive to replace!

– Options the car came with

List any extras (such as air-con, leather seats etc) that the car has. If youre not sure whether they were options or standard features when the car was new, then just list them all anyway.

– Where you are based

You dont have to list your full post-code, just the first part, so people can use Google Maps to work out how long it will take to come and view the car.

– Contact details

Give your phone number and when you can be reached on it. This is useful for two reasons:
1. It means you wont be bothered late at night!
2. It means people will be more comfortable ringing you

List a mobile and a landline number if you can. Lots of people have free calls to landlines, so may prefer calling you on that.

– List the price you want

It will mean that you wont be bothered by people just ringing up to find out the price.

The Photos

– Take lots!

People want to see many photos of the car they are looking to buy. Take shots from a few angles, take a photo of each wheel so potential buyers can see what condition theyre in and show any scratches/dents there may be. Dont go for arty shots, just show it as it is.

Take a photo of:

– The front
– The back
– Each side
– 3/4s view (half front/half side on)
– The steering wheel/dashboard
– The front seats
– The back seats
– The boot
– The engine
– Each wheel
– Any scratches or dents

If the site youre listing your car on doesnt allow many photos, then upload them to a free site (such as Flickr or Photobucket) and provide a link to where people can see them.

– Choose a plain background

Dont photograph it against your house, shoot it against a wall or a hedge. It wont detract the focus from the car.

– Give it a clean

Show off-your car in the best possible way, give both the outside and inside a wash, it makes a huge difference.

Writing style

– Bullet points

Bullet-point lists are easy to scan through and a good way to understand things at glance. Use them!

– Dont use Caps Lock

Writing the whole advert in capitals looks bad and MAKES IT HARDER TO READ.

– Spell check!

Write the advert using something like Microsoft Word so it will alert you to any spelling mistakes, it looks more professional and shows you put effort into your advert.

If you can think of anything else to include in this list then please let us know in the comments below!

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