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Kia Sportage colours guide and prices

The new Kia Sportage is one of the best crossovers on the market. It offers striking looks, a spacious interior and an efficient range of engines making it a strong contender in a very competitive market. You can order your new Kia in a wide range of colours so we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the different shades available.

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Solid finishes

Arctic White – £0

White cars are very popular with buyers which means we wouldn’t expect a lengthy delay when you come to sell it to the used market. White shows up road grime almost instantly, however, so budget for plenty of trips to the car wash.

Metallic finishes

Phantom Black – £545

Black is another universally popular colour choice and, on the Sportage, it gives the car a more upmarket appearance meaning used buyers will flock to it. Be aware that, unlike many darker colours, black is a pain to keep clean and cheap car washes can leave swirl marks in their wake.

Silver Frost – £545

Silver is another safe and popular choice that will guarantee it’ll be easy to sell on in the future. As a lighter shade, expect dirt to show up fairly quickly so plenty of washing will be needed. It’s not available in First Edition or GT-Line trims.

Planet Blue – £545

This dark blue injects a little colour into the Sportage’s pallet while also being a safe sensible shade that’ll be easy to sell on. Its darkness means it’ll hide dirt well saving you money at the car wash. It’s not available in KX-4, First Edition and GT-Line trims.

Fusion White (KX-2 and above) – £545

Although standard Arctic white is free on all Sportages, those who chose to buy KX-2 trim and above have the option of this metallic white. The aforementioned metallic sheen gives it more depth – especially in the sunshine – that looks much classier than the solid white on the basic trim. As with all white finishes, it’ll sell on easily but be a pain to keep clean.

Dark Gun Metal (KX-2 and above) – £545

If you’re after a stealthy look for your Sportage, look no further than Dark Gun Metal – its grey shade looks great and will be easy to sell to used buyers. It’ll hide road dirt well, too – handy if you intend to do some light off-roading.

Alchemy Green – £545

Alchemy green is probably the most divisive paint choice offered on the new Sportage meaning it might be somewhat trickier to sell to the used market than more mainstream colours. Its unique colour will, however, conceal dirt for a long time, saving you money at the car wash. It’s only available on higher KX-3 and KX-4 trims.

Infra Red – £545

Red isn’t necessarily the most popular colour choice for crossovers, but the new Sportage looks handsome in this vibrant shade. Despite this, more conservative used buyers might not go for it meaning it might take longer to sell on than a black, grey, silver or white car. You can only get this shade in KX-3, KX-4 and GT-Line trim.

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Kia Sportage (2016-2018)

A distinctive, well-built SUV with room for the family
£18,810 - £33,105
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