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Mercedes CLS colours guide and prices

The Mercedes CLS is available as a comfortable four door coupe or spacious shooting brake with a great engine line-up and outstanding build quality.

The CLS palette is identical for both models and comprises six metallic colours (all no-cost options) and two special ‘Designo’ shades. The colour you choose for yours, however, will have an impact on how quickly you can sell your car, and how frequently you’ll be making trips to the car wash.

If you’ve chosen your favourite colour, our Mercedes CLS car configurator will help you get a new CLS at a great price. If matte and metallic paints leave you muddled, our paint types guide is here to help explain the different types.

Metallic colours

Cavansite Blue – £0

This intense midnight navy will do a great job of hiding grubbiness for a long time. As well as giving your CLS a smart finish, this shade should ensure a swift sale when the time comes for your Mercedes to change hands.

Diamond Silver – £0

This brushed steel shade is currently one of the most popular colours around. Although a car in this hue should change hands briskly, every spot of dirt will be immediately obvious and you could find yourself cleaning it more often than you might like.

Iridium Silver – £0

This even paler silver is likely to require constant attention to keep it looking factory fresh. Once again, though, your car should gain the attention of many prospective buyers when the time comes to sell.

Obsidian Black – £0

This glossy jet black should prove a good choice for fleet and corporate vehicles – not only does it look smart, but black cars tend to get snapped up very promptly by second-hand buyers. Take care not to use cheaper car washes which can leave ugly swirl patterns in their wake.

Selenite Grey – £0

As with most monotone shades, this tasteful grey should be very easy to sell on. This colour will give your CLS a dignified and smart appearance and grey paintwork should do a better than average job of concealing road grime, too.

Tenorite Grey – £0

This sober mineral grey is darker than the Selenite Grey, so marks and smudges shouldn’t show up as easily. This tasteful hue should sell on speedily, making it an all-round sensible choice.

‘Designo’ colours

Diamond White Metallic – £695

This very bright white adds a metallic dimension to one of the most popular shades in the UK. Selling on won’t be a problem, although keeping it spotless could take a fair bit of effort, especially if your mileage is heavy or you regularly use rural roads.

Hyacinth Red – £695

This bold red could be the ideal shade if you want to add some character to your Mercedes. As one of the most popular colours after monochrome in the second hand market, a red car should result in no major resale delays. In terms of concealing grime, it should offer fair to middling performance.

Save money on your Mercedes CLS

If you buy your next car using carwow, our Mercedes CLS car configurator could help you to get a great deal. If you’re still deciding what to buy, head on over to our car chooser – it’ll help you whittle down all the cars on sale to ones you should check out.

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