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Porsche Boxster colours guide and prices

It’s hard to find any review which has a bad word to say about the Porsche Boxster. Picking a colour for such a desirable car can be tricky – it’s the sort of vehicle that sells on its looks, so picking a flattering colour could have a significant effect on residual values.

In addition to the 13 paint finishes available, four colour options are offered for the canvas roof – red, dark blue, black and brown. Read our full review of the Porsche Boxster to see what the UK’s motoring press makes of it.

Solid finishes

White – £0

A standard gloss white. A nightmare to keep clean, but is certain to be popular when it comes to trade-in time.

Black – £0

A straightforward title for a straightforward colour option. Black will always be a popular colour on the used market but can show up swirls from cheap car washes so don’t cut corners when you clean it.

Racing Yellow – £0

A bright yellow is an ideal choice for a sporty two seater, and Porsche itself often uses Racing Yellow to show off many of its new models in press photos. Like most light colours, it’ll take plenty of cleaning to keep it looking good and used buyers might not be as keen to buy this shade over blacks and silvers.

Guards Red – £0

A typically lively sports car colour, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a buyer on the used car market for a Guards Red Boxster. It’s worth keeping it polished up to do it justice though!

Metallic finishes

Jet Black Metallic – £558

The metallic flake in Jet Black adds a little extra depth compared to the cheaper alternative above. Black cars do a reasonable job of hiding the dirt provided you don’t visit cheap car washes. Used buyers will happily pick this colour but you’re unlikely to make much extra over solid black.

Rhodium Silver Metallic – £558

A bright, Germanic silver is certain to be a hit with used buyers, so residual values should always remain strong. You’ll need to budget for plenty of car washes to keep the car muck-free.

Sapphire Blue Metallic – £558

Sapphire Blue is an eye-catching and universal shade so will doubtlessly become one of the most popular colour options on the used market. It’ll go for a while before needing cleaning but isn’t as resilient as darker hues.

Agate Grey Metallic – £558

This dark grey will be one of the most desirable shades on the used market. It’s one of the better colour choices for hiding the dirt so won’t need much cleaning to keep it on point.

Carrera White Metallic – £558

Like solid white above, Carrera White will be popular among used buyers but, like Jet Black, you’re unlikely to make back the extra cost of the paint when you sell your car. Plenty of cleaning will be needed to keep it looking good.

Dark Blue Metallic – £558

This handsome dark blue won’t suit the more extroverted among you but its inoffensive shade is unlikely to put many used buyers off. Its darker hue means it’ll hide road grime for a long time before needing cleaning.

Mahogany Metallic – £558

Brown cars are fairly desirable at the moment, but don’t be surprised if it takes a little longer to sell this colour Boxster compared to black and silver models. It’ll hide road dirt for ages before needing cleaning.

Special finishes

GT Silver Metallic – £1,595

Differentiating between Porsche’s different silver shades is tricky, but park a GT SIlver car alongside a Rhodium Silver model, and it’s clear to see that the former is a little darker. It’s a shade found on models like the classic Carrera GT hypercar so, even if the £1,595 seems quite high, it will always be highly sought after.

Carmine Red – £1,595

This red is frequently seen on GTS-trim Porsches, and works very well with the darkened wheels and blacked-out trim of those models. It is a pricey option, so it’s worth considering how much more attractive it is compared to the no-cost Guards Red.

What next?

Read our full, aggregated review of the Porsche Boxster to find out what the UK’s motoring press thinks of it. For more options, visit our deals page or, if you’re still struggling to pick your next car, check out our car chooser.

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