New Porsche Taycan Turbo GT: 1,108hp EV is Porsche’s most powerful car yet

March 11, 2024 by

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The facelifted Porsche Taycan range will include a new hyper-powerful range-topper, the Taycan Turbo GT

  • New Taycan Turbo GT with over 1,000hp
  • Takes aim at Tesla Model S Plaid
  • Manages 0-62mph in just 2.2 seconds
  • Already holds lap records at the Nurburgring and Laguna Seca
  • Optional Weissach package for track focus, lighter weight
  • Tesla-rivalling performance
  • Deliveries in the spring
  • Prices start from £186,300

We’ve already reported on the updated Porsche Taycan, which can count improved range, better performance and minor styling tweaks among its changes for 2024. However, Porsche has now dropped details of the new halo model in the Taycan line-up – the new Porsche Taycan Turbo GT.

Porsche Taycan Turbo GT: power and performance

Porsche’s answer to the Tesla Model S Plaid features a blistering 1,108hp, and already holds the record for series production electric cars around the world-famous Nurburgring, with a time of just 7:07.55. The Model S managed the same lap in 7:25.23. The Taycan also holds the same record around California’s Laguna Seca raceway.

Porsche claims the Taycan Turbo GT will do 0-62mph in an astonishing 2.2 seconds, when it’s fitted with the track-focused Weissach pack. Regular models require 2.3 seconds. That’s very impressive, and close to the numbers we’ve seen when we’ve tested the Model S Plaid using our own timing gear – so we’ll look forward to seeing if the Porsche can match its claims.

The Taycan’s massive power isn’t always available. During regular driving, a measly 789hp is available to the driver. Using launch control, power is boosted to 1,033hp, while using the ‘Attack’ Mode will temporarily boost power to its peak of 1,108hp. Attack Mode is activated either in the driving mode selector or more quickly by simply pulling on the right-hand steering wheel paddle.

Other upgrades include weight reduction – 75kg has been saved from the standard Taycan Turbo S by gratuitous use of carbon fibre on the door pillar trims, the bucket seats and the luggage compartment. Porsche’s also fitted lightweight alloy wheels and omitted the boot’s soft-close feature to save a few extra kg.

All Turbo GTs get Porsche’s Active Ride suspension, which adapts to the road surface for better grip, while lightweight and high-performance carbon-ceramic brakes are fitted, which reduce fade when stopping. And as for range? The Taycan Turbo GT can do up to 345 miles on a charge – the lowest figure of the updated Taycan range.

On the exterior, you’ll be able to spot a Turbo GT by its unique front and rear spoilers, gold brake calipers and two exclusive paint colours – Pale Blue and Purple Sky Metallic. Inside, the full bucket seats are the biggest difference, though optional blue or silver trim can be specified too.

However, cars fitted with the Weissach package will have a rather more stark difference on the inside – they don’t have any rear seats. In their place, you’ll find a carbon-fibre storage box, conveniently accessible through the still-in-place rear doors. Weissach pack cars also have less sound insulation, no floor or boot mats, only one charging port and a lighter sound system without rear speakers.

The Taycan GT Turbo starts from £186,300, representing quite a leap over the £161,400 of a Taycan Turbo S – or the circa-£113k you’ll need to buy a Tesla Model S Plaid.

Read on for more information about the rest of the facelifted Porsche Taycan range…

New Porsche Taycan facelift

This is the updated Porsche Taycan, and the Tesla Model S alternative has been given a few minor styling tweaks and a load of new technology.

Porsche has also improved the range by 35%, meaning the Taycan will now do up to 421 miles on a charge, and that’s despite the increased performance from the electric motors.

New Porsche Taycan design

Porsche doesn’t really go in for massive styling overhauls with its flagship models, so the updated Taycan has just been given a nip and tuck facelift to keep it looking fresh.

Starting up front, you get new headlights which sit flush to the bodywork, as opposed to the slightly recessed units you got on the old car. You also get a redesigned front bumper with different air intakes, and the Turbo models have been given a more aggressive look than before as well.

There’s not much to report down the side of the new Taycan with the exception of some new alloy wheel designs. You get 19-inch wheels as standard, rising to optional 21s if you want something which looks a bit more sporty.

Moving to the rear of the car, you have a slightly tweaked light bar with optional light-up Porsche script, as well as a tweaked lower bumper to help this stand out from the outgoing model.

New Porsche Taycan batteries and range

You can choose between two different batteries in the new Porsche Taycan: a 97kWh pack or an 82kWh unit. If you go for the latter you’ll get up to 367 miles of range, rising to a whopping 421 miles from the larger battery.

Not only is that a 35% improvement over the outgoing car’s range, it’s also around 25 miles more than you get from a Tesla Model S and it’s over 40 miles more than a Mercedes EQE can manage.

Porsche has also upped the charging speed of this new Taycan thanks to 300kW DC capability. This cuts the time taken to go from 10-80% in half, taking just 18 minutes despite the larger battery.

New Porsche Taycan motors and performance

As well as having more range, the new Porsche Taycan is more powerful than before as well. The range-topping Turbo GT now delivers enough performance to scare the mighty Tesla Model S Plaid.

The outgoing Turbo S had 761hp from its dual electric motors, however this has been upped to 775hp. Meanwhile, the new Turbo GT outputs a staggering 1,108bhp – and a new launch mode can put that to all four wheels to maximise acceleration off the line.

See how the current Porsche Taycan gets on in a drag race against a Tesla Model S…

The upshot of this is 0-62mph in just 2.2 seconds. On paper that’s 0.3 of a second slower than the Tesla Model S Plaid can manage, however Tesla measures 0-60, not 0-62 – and does so using something called a one-foot rollout. Measuring this way can be flattering to a car’s real-world performance, so these two cars will be very close in reality.

How much is the new Porsche Taycan?

The new Porsche Taycan is available to order now, with prices starting from £86,500. That’s a premium of over £7,000 compared to the outgoing model, however you do get a lot more range and performance for your money.

This rises to a hefty £161,400 if you want the Turbo S model, and you’ll be able to push this up plenty more if you get carried away with the options. Turbo GT cars start from £186,300.

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