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Range Rover Evoque and Convertible sizes and dimensions guide

The Range Rover Evoque and its Convertible sibling are among the most desirable crossovers you can buy. Its premium badge, sleek styling and high-quality interior have all helped make it a big hit. Read our dimensions guide to see whether this compact off-roader is large enough for you or too small to fit the bill.

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Range Rover Evoque and Convertible exterior dimensions

Small windows, large alloy-wheels and bold styling give the Evoque a strong presence on the road but, despite this, it’s actually shorter than a Ford Focus. It’s wider and taller than most family hatchbacks, of course, but will still be a manageable size for most garages and parking spaces.

The high-sided body might be stylish, but it does limit visibility considerably, especially in the three-door model. The resulting blind-spots could make parking manoeuvres tricky, so we’d advise paying a little extra for the reversing camera or automatic parking system.

Range Rover Evoque and Convertible exterior dimensions
Length (standard car/Convertible) 4,355 mm/4,370 mm
Height (5dr/3dr/Convertible) 1,635/1,605/1,609mm
Width (standard car/Convertible) 2,090/2,085mm

Range Rover Evoque and Convertible interior dimensions

The five-door Evoque is easily the most spacious, and has more than enough room for five people to travel in comfort. The three-door Coupe is also surprisingly roomy inside, especially in the rear, but it does lose out on a little headroom thanks to its lower roof-line.

Those carrying taller passengers will be better off going for the optional panoramic sun-roof because it frees up between 30 and 45mm more headroom in both rows. This option is not available on the Convertible, however.

Range Rover Evoque interior dimensions
5dr headroom (front/rear) 990mm/965mm 5dr legroom (front/rear) 1,020mm/925mm
Coupe headroom (front/rear) 965mm/945mm Coupe legroom (front/rear) 1,020mm/905mm
Convertible headroom (front/rear) 976mm/965mm Convertible legroom (front/rear) 1,095mm/866mm

Range Rover Evoque and Convertible boot space

The five-door Range Rover Evoque certainly delivers when it comes to carrying luggage. Its 575-litre load area is larger than both the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 and can easily hold a big shop as well as the family dog.

Thanks to the area occupied by the folding roof, the Convertible suffers from a significantly smaller boot – the 251-litre load-space is about the size of the average supermini.

Range Rover Evoque boot space
Seats up (5dr/Coupe3dr/Convertible) 575/550/251 litres
Seats folded (5dr/3dr/Convertible) 1,445/1,350/251 litres

Range Rover Evoque and Convertible turning circle and fuel tank capacity

The Evoque boasts a turning circle of 11.3 metres – relatively good for a crossover. Fuel tank capacity differs depending on whether you choose a petrol or diesel model – a larger tank is offered on petrol models to help make up for generally poorer fuel economy. The most economical Evoque returns 68.8mpg, so you could get up to 817 miles out of a single tank.

Range Rover Evoque turning circle and fuel tank capacity
Turning circle 11.3 metres
Fuel tank (petrol/diesel) 69/54 litres

Range Rover Evoque and Convertible weights and towing limits

The Evoque is not a light car. Even the simplest two-wheel-drive model with a manual gearbox weighs nearly as much as the very heaviest Audi Q3. Add four-wheel-drive and an automatic gearbox and it becomes a portly car for its size, especially if you choose the Convertible model.

Drivers looking for a utilitarian tow-car are unlikely to choose an Evoque but it’s good to know that most models can tow up to 2,000kg using a braked trailer. Two-wheel drive and petrol models can only manage 1,500kg, however.

Range Rover Evoque weight and towing limits
Weight (Convertible) 1,551-1,690kg (1,936-1,967kg)
Towing limit 1,500-2,000kg

Range Rover Evoque and Convertible off-road specifications

The Evoque doesn’t disappoint when it comes to off-road ability. When the going gets tough, it’s easily the most talented among rivals. Its wading depth of 500mm is 200mm down on the much larger Discovery – a car that has off-road focussed adjustable air-suspension.

The approach, ramp and departure angles are also good for a car of this size. The Convertible doesn’t fare quite as well but few other cars can cross shallow rivers with the roof down. It’s also worth noting that five-door and Coupe versions equipped with the Dynamic Styling package are also subject to the same figures as the Convertible model.

Range Rover Evoque off-road specifications
Approach angle (Convertible) 25° (19°)
Ramp angle (Convertible) 22° (18.9°)
Departure angle (Convertible) 33° (31°)
Wading depth 500mm

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