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Renault Captur colours guide

March 18, 2015 by

Compact SUVs are one of the biggest draws bringing buyers to showrooms and carwow. Renault’s Captur is one such SUV – it shares a class and some components with the Nissan Juke but the Renault is more subtly stylish than the Nissan’s outlandish look.

A decent selection of colours is offered for the Captur, each of which has optional contrasting roofs on mid-range Dynamic MediaNav models and up. You can pick the colour of the exterior trim and a handful of decal packs can be specified to further personalise your Captur.

Picking the right colour is one of the most important decisions you can make about your new car. The wrong colour will require constant cleaning and will interest no-one when you come to sell it – the right one hides the worst muck and is easy to sell. For more information about car finished, check out our full guide to the different types of paint on offer.

Standard paint finishes

Boston Blue – £0

A darker shade of blue, this might be handy for those who want to slip under the radar. It’s also the only non-cost colour in one-tone form as shown above. It can be specified with a Diamond Black or Ivory contrasting roof for £399. It’ll be easy to keep clean but, on the used market, only time will tell if buyers prefer the bolder shades to the muted ones.

Oyster Grey – £495

Gunmetal or dark grey is a very popular colour on the used market so you’ll have no worries when you come to sell this colour on. Like Boston Blue, it’ll hide road muck well and can be chosen with a contrasting Diamond Black or Arizona orange roof for £894. A safe choice but go for the contrasting roof to really make it stand out.

Stone – £495

Stone starts with a grey but brings in hints of gold to create a champagne-like final finish. This’ll cover the very worst grime from the roads so you won’t need to spend vast sums to keep it clean. It will be neither the easiest nor the hardest to resell down the line. Ivory or Diamond Black contrasting roofs are offered for £894.

Tahoe Blue – £495

Much lighter than Boston Blue, Tahoe Blue is an eye-catching and attractive colour, to our eyes at least. Available with a choice of Ivory or Diamond Black contrasting roofs (£894), Tahoe Blue is better suited to the more extrovert among you and, because of that, we think the Captur suits it rather nicely – you won’t miss it in a packed car park.

Mercury – £495

Although we think the Captur suits the more avant garde colours, this won’t give you many problems on the used market. Silver doesn’t stay as clean as its darker counterparts but you won’t have to baby it like a white car. It’s offered with a choice or Arizona orange or Diamond Black contrasting roofs, which we’d recommend.

Ivory – £225

Not quite a paper white, Ivory is more a light cream colour. It’ll show up even the faintest amount of road dirt so you’ll need to budget for trips to the car wash. The optional Arizona orange or Diamond Black contrast roof for £624 is an option we’d be tempted to tick to avoid the Captur blending in with more mundane traffic.

Arizona – £495

Blending in isn’t something you need to worry about with Arizona – a rich shade of orange. It’ll show up road dirt so frequent trips to the car wash are a given. Optional Ivory or Diamond Black contrasting roofs complete the look. It might not sell easily on the second hand market but, for us, this colour really suits the youthful, stylish vibe of the Captur.

Diamond Black – £495

Black is, and probably forever will be, a mainstay of all car colour charts. Its classic hue always looks good and always has waiting buyers on the used market. Poor quality car washes will cause swirl marks so make sure you don’t cut costs on keeping it clean. Ivory or Arizona orange contrasting roofs can be specified with this colour.

Flame Red – £595

A special colour only offered on top-spec Signature trim and only available with contrasting Diamond Black or Ivory roofs, Flame Red is a pleasingly rich shade that suits the Captur. It’ll take some cleaning and won’t be as easy to sell on as black or silver but it looks spacial and exclusivity is almost guaranteed in top-spec trim.

Trim packs

Not only can you get a contrasting roof on your Captur, you can specify three colours for the external trim in addition to the normal chromed plastic.

Black gloss pack – £75

Black elements have been introduced to the Captur’s exterior appearance. The surrounds for the fog lights, underside of the grille and the plastic panels down the side of the car all take this shade – added to a lighter colour it can make the Captur look more menacing.

Arizona gloss pack – £75

Like the Black pack but replaced with orange. We’d suggest this pack to match with one of the more subtle colours to make those details stand out. We’ve specified it with Diamond Black above and it helps lift the outside considerably.

Ivory gloss pack – £75

Finally those elements can be chosen in off-white, too. We think this pack suits the blues in the Captur range and, when mated with a matching contrast roof, gives it a delightfully retro colour scheme – just don’t forget to keep it clean.

Decal packs

Decals, or automotive stickers – once the preserve of the heroes of ‘The Fast and the Furious’ – are now making their way into the mainstream. Funky cars like the Captur can be made even more eye-catching using these packs.

Arizona roof decal – £250

We’re not sure what exactly the image is of – perhaps a CND peace sign, perhaps a stick drawing of a tree – but the orange sticker certainly brings some visual flair to the roof. We’re equally not sure who’s going to see it up there.

Manhattan roof/boot decal – £250

These off-grey stripes go across the roof and over part of the boot lid. To our eyes, they recall some of the stylish materials used in the fashion industry – hence being named after one of the style capitals of the world.

Miami bonnet decal – £250

This wavy pattern recalls the curl of a wave as it crashes towards the shore – hence being called Miami. It looks a little random so, unless you really like it, we’d suggest saving your cash for a few tanks of fuel.

Captur-ed your interest?

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