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Renault Clio and Renaultsport colour guide and prices

The Renault Clio is one of the most striking superminis on sale right now. The right colour will really complement its exterior design while the wrong one will be tricky to keep clean and a pain to sell on the used market.

Here are all the colours the Clio is available in along with their prices to help you pick the perfect shade:

Solid colours

Glacier White – £0

Glacier White is the only free paint colour available for the Clio. It’s offered on all models including the Renaultsport version. It’ll be difficult to keep clean but white should be a popular colour on the second-hand market.

Metallic colours

Ivory – £225

This cream colour isn’t as bright as Glacier White and is closer to light beige. The shade will be popular with second-hand buyers but dirt will show up as fast as other white colours, so you’ll still have to budget to keep it clean.

Mercury – £495

Mercury is a sensible grey colour for the Clio – albeit it’s a slightly understated one. Road grime will show up quickly on this colour but it will fare well with used car buyers.

Titanium Grey – £495

This dark grey colour is a safe colour choice for the Clio and suits the car’s stylish looks. It’ll sell easily on the second-hand market and will hide dirt pretty well, especially compared to lighter shades.

Diamond Black – £495

This is the darkest metallic shade available for non-Renaultsport versions of the Clio. Dirt quickly shows up on black and it’s important not to cut costs with cheap car washes, which can leave ugly swirl marks. Nevertheless, it should sell easily to second-hand buyers.

Iron Blue – £625

This is the only blue colour available for the Clio, but this rich shade is worth paying extra for. It’ll require moderately frequent cleaning to keep it on top form but few on the second hand market will turn their noses up at it.

Arctic White – £625

This vibrant metallic white really pops in bright sunlight compared to other whites thanks to its metallic flake. This colour should be popular with second-hand buyers but prepare to be on first-name terms with your local carwash.

Flame Red – £625

Flame Red adds a splash of colour and personality to the Clio. It’ll do a moderately good job of hiding dirt, but this vibrant shade might be slightly harder to sell on the used market than a darker colour.

Mars Red – £625

Mars Red is a darker and deeper shade compared to Flame Red – although it’s still a vibrant choice for more extroverted buyers. It’ll hide dirt well but might not be as easy to sell on as more subtle shades.

Renaultsport Clio exclusive paints

Deep Black – £495

This smart shade of black is only available on the sporty Renaultsport Clio and suits the car’s more aggressive exterior. Metallic black doesn’t hide dirt particularly well and cheap car washes can produce swirls on the bodywork –  it will be popular on the second-hand market though.

Pearl White – £1,300

This shade of white is unique to the Renaultsport version of the Clio. Pearl White is a smart and stylish choice but be prepared to set aside some time each week to keep it clean – it should fare well with used car buyers, however.

Liquid Yellow – £1,300

Liquid Yellow is the most striking colour available for the Clio Renaultsport. It’s a light shade so won’t hide dirt especially well and, because it’s a divisive colour, it’ll be harder to sell on the second-hand market than a black or white model.

Save money on your Renault Clio

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