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Strangest driving laws

November 16, 2022 by

Every nation has its own ways of behaving. But who would have thought that the traffic rules known all over the world do not apply everywhere, or that there are some that seem quite absurd at first glance?

Some people are allowed to drive naked, others have to get wet when it rains and still others have to stop at every animal. If you look at the countries around the globe, you will always find amazing traffic rules where you don’t know exactly what to think. Take a look at our selection of the top 20 strangest, most unusual and at the same time funniest traffic rules worldwide.

1. No drinking, even water, while driving – Cyprus

While driving, we sometimes feel the need for a snack or drinking some water. In Cyprus, drivers have to be patient with this, because both are forbidden while driving. Even a sip of water is not allowed. Better to take a short break on long journeys.

2. You can’t use your phone to pay in a drive through – UK

Of course, mobile phone use is generally forbidden while driving, but what about in a drive through? In fact, in the UK, the engine is required to be switched off and the handbrake is required to be pulled, even if it means only taking the phone in the hand. This means that paying with it is even more complicated. We hope no one starves to death.


3. Drivers must carry their own breathalyser – France

We all know it: Don’t drink and drive. In France, drivers are obliged to carry a breathalyser with them to test themselves before driving. The French government hopes that in case of “too much” the car remains in place. We like that!

4. You can drive naked – Germany

If you like to feel the wind on your body, you should go to Germany. Here, the car is considered a “private space” and therefore it is allowed to drive naked. Only when getting out of the car, drivers do have to put something back on, because in this case they are entering a public space, and being naked is not allowed there.

5. You cannot drive a dirty car – Russia

Driving a dirty car in Russia can lead to a fine, as the law requires the car to be clean at all times. What exactly counts as clean or dirty is decided by the police on the spot.

6. No washing cars on a Sunday – Switzerland

Sunday is a day of rest in most Christian countries. This also applies to Switzerland. Accordingly, washing the car is also forbidden. So it’s better to choose another day for it.

7. Must check under vehicle if somebody is lying there before setting off – Denmark

The prize for the most bizarre law goes to Denmark, where drivers are obliged to check for bodies under their cars before driving – no, not bodies, but children who might be sleeping or hiding there.

8. Animals have the right of way, always – South Africa

It is not always a car that comes from the opposite direction. In countries like South Africa, it can also happen that a horse, a donkey or a pig blocks the way. Drivers must give right of way to animals crossing the road. They are not allowed to speed up or deliberately hit them.


9. It’s against the law for women to drive in a housecoat – California

In California, you can’t get into your car in your housecoat to get something. You have to take the time to put on something “proper”, otherwise you could be fined.

10. Don’t splash pedestrians – Japan & UK

We all know it, it’s raining cats and dogs and puddles form on the side of the road. It can happen that you splash pedestrian as you drive past. In Japan and the United Kingdom, however, there are heavy penalties for this. So it is better to drive slowly and carefully through the rain.

11. If your licence plate ends in 1 or 2 it’s illegal to drive on a Monday – Philippines

Driving every day wherever you like? For many people, that is taken for granted. Not in the Philippines: If your number plate ends in the digits 1 or 2, your vehicle is banned from driving on Mondays.

12. Must carry a fire extinguisher at all times – Bulgaria

Better safe than sorry. In Bulgaria, you have to be prepared for everything. So in addition to a warning triangle and first aid kit, you also have to carry a fire extinguisher in your car. You never know.

13. No dogs tied to the roof – Alaska

Where this law came from is not known, but in Alaska it is illegal to leash dogs on the roof of a car. We ask ourselves, why would anyone want to do that?

14. Camels always have the right of way – United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates, camels are an important status symbol. Respect for the hoofed animals goes so far that they always have the right of way on thoroughfares. Although this law has not been written down, it is nevertheless observed by the inhabitants.

15. No shooting wild animals from your car, unless it’s a whale – Tennessee

Hard to believe, but true: In the state of Tennessee, drivers are not allowed to shoot at an animal from their vehicle unless it is a whale. And that is unlikely to happen in Tennessee. After all, the state lies in the middle of the interior of the USA – there is no sea to be seen far and wide.

16. Police officers can detect speeding offences of up to 30 km/h with the bare eye and punish them accordingly – Austria

The eyes of Austrian police officers are well trained, because they do not miss any speeding car, provided the speeding is not higher than 30km/h.

17. No smoking in cars when children under 12 in the car – Greece

In general, you should not smoke in the car when children are present. However, we find it strange that this is allowed in Greece in the presence of children only from the age of 12.

18. Paying fees in 20 days gives 50% discount – Spain

In Spain, you should be quick when you get a fee. If you pay it within 20 days, the fine is only half as expensive. Very courteous.

19. Peeing only on the back wheel of your own car, by touching it with the right hand only – UK

Of course, it can happen that you have to go to the toilet while driving. You have to pull over and look for a tree or something. Not so in the United Kingdom, where you are only allowed to pee on the rear wheel. Attention left-handers, the obligatory support on the car is only allowed with the right hand.

20. Forbidden to stop for pedestrians – China

If a pedestrian runs into the road in front of you, what do you do? Probably apply the brakes fully. However, this is illegal in China. If you behave morally and do your best not to run over the pedestrian, you will be fined for stopping.