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Suzuki Celerio colours guide and prices

The Suzuki Celerio is a surprisingly roomy and affordable city car with more interior space than many rivals. If you fancy purchasing one yourself, your choice of exterior colour will have a real impact on how quickly it will start to look grubby and how easy it is to sell your car on.

You can take your pick from one solid, three pearlescent and two metallic shades – all of which are offered across the Celerio’s various trim levels. To learn the difference between different finish types, read our handy car paint types guide.

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Standard colours

Superior White – £0

White is one of the UK’s favourite car shades, so finding a used buyer should be a doddle. Expect regular cleaning, however, because white cars attract every flack of road grime. While many marques charge extra for white, on the Celerio it’s free.

Pearl metallic colours

Cerulean Blue – £415

This royal blue is a good choice for those after a more colourful option. It’s not what you’d call garish and, considering blue is typically one of the most popular colours for cars, it should sell well on the used market. It’ll do an average job of concealing road grime.

Super Black – £415

This shade of black is a perennially popular option, so there should be no hold-ups selling this model to the used market. Black reveals grime fairly quickly and watch out for cheap car washes which can leave unsightly swirl marks in their wake.

Ablaze Red – £415

This is a vivid red that offers a more colourful option if you fancy a change from the usual monochrome choices. Red is a fairly popular shade but won’t sell quite as quickly as darker colours. It’ll hide the worst grime moderately well.

Metallic colours

Star Silver – £415

Silver is a sought-after colour in the UK, so finding a used buyer for a model in this shade should be a breeze. Grime will remain hidden longer than a paler model, but show up more quickly than a darker one.

Mineral Grey – £415

Grey is always going to go down well with future buyers so is a sensible choice from that perspective. This is probably the best colour in the range for concealing road grime so car washes will be less frequent than other hues.

Save money on your new Suzuki Celerio

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