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What is Nissan N-TEC trim?

If you’re interested in buying a Nissan, it’s important to get the model that suits you best. Both in terms of size, price and colour but also in terms of what equipment you’d like. Manufacturers split trims for different price points so it pays to work out what kit you need and what you can live without.

We’re taking a look at Nissan’s N-TEC trim to see where it sits within the Japanese brand’s range, what it offers buyers, and how much it costs relative to other choices. If this is the Nissan trim for you, head over to our car configurator to spec up your perfect new car.

N-TEC trim is available on five Nissan models – the Micra, the Note, the Pulsar, the Qashqai and the X-Trail. In each range, it sits as the second highest trim level – above Acenta and Acenta+, but below the top of the range Tekna. It offers pretty much every toy you could possibly ever need, but does without some of the more frivolous top-spec luxuries, such as leather upholstery. The X-Trail in N-TEC trim costs £2,780 more than the Acenta. For the money, it gains:

The addition of these features take the price of the front-wheel drive 1.6-litre diesel to a shade over £28,000, though the added features will likely make the N-TEC more desirable on the used car market. Those added safety features are always welcome, too.

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£20,860 - £37,375
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£10,140 - £18,815
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