2022 BMW i4M rendered: what we know so far

July 02, 2021 by

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A high-performance M version of the all-electric BMW i4 could be on the way, possibly with three motors and 720hp. Read on for more details.

  • BMW’s first all-electric M car
  • Based on i4 saloon
  • Aggressive styling inspired by M4
  • Could have 720hp
  • Chassis tweaks to counter increased weight
  • May sacrifice range for performance

The BMW i4M could be the German manufacturer’s first all-electric full-fat M car and may be revealed in 2022. This new car could come with 720hp thanks to a triple-motor setup. Our exclusive render imagines what the new i4M could look like.

2022 BMW i4M design

These renders imagine the i4M will take on a lot of the M4’s styling elements

Expect the BMW i4M to merge the design of the recently-revealed i4 with that of the high-performance M4 coupe, as imagined in this image. That would mean the huge grille as well as large air intakes on either side up front, with swollen rear arches.

BMW’s electric car range does get some blue styling tweaks, but the i4M may opt to use M-coloured elements instead. There’ll be no need for the trademark quad-exit exhaust at the rear of the car though, however it’ll still likely feature an aerodynamic diffuser-style bumper trim.

2022 BMW i4M interior

Expect an i4M to come with a few sporty upgrades compared with the standard car (shown here)

A future i4M would take the standard i4’s interior (shown above) and add bundles of ‘M’ goodies, including a new steering wheel, more supportive seats and the obligatory M-coloured red, blue and purple stitching.

There’ll no doubt be a huge touchscreen, with some extra performance-oriented upgrades thrown in. These could include lap timers or information on the car like G-force data and acceleration times.

2022 BMW i4M batteries and electric motors

Range will probably take a hit compared with the standard i4 to account for extra performance

It’s likely the BMW i4M would retain the same battery pack as the i4, albeit with dual- or maybe even a triple-motor setup. The German brand has confirmed the new i4 will be available with 544hp in i4 M50 guise, but a full-blown M version could come with significantly more.

BMW has confirmed it’s been testing an electric 5 Series saloon with a triple-motor drive system that could be fitted to the upcoming i4M. This test car (shown below) uses one motor to drive the front wheels and two to drive the rear wheels.

Together, they produce a total of 720hp, which is enough to blast this prototype from 0-60mph in ‘comfortably less than three seconds’ – it’s possible the finished i4M could be even quicker.

This 5 Series test car packs a triple-motor drive system with 720hp that could be fitted to the new i4M

Whether the new i4M electric car comes with this fancy three-motor setup or not, you can bet it’ll get a load of suspension tweaks over the standard i4 EV. These will help it deal with all the extra power its motors will produce, and counter the extra weight of heavy batteries that conventional petrol-powered M cars don’t have to deal with.

This extra performance could mean the i4M can’t quite match the standard i4’s 300-mile range, as is the case with the Tesla Model 3.

The ‘Performance’ version of that car loses out on a few miles of range compared with the Long-Range car.  You can, however, expect the i4M to manage at least 250 miles according to the latest WLTP testing procedures.

When will the BMW i4 M go on sale?

It’s possible the BMW i4M could be revealed next year, with production starting later in 2022. If it turns out that the upcoming i4M gets a 530hp dual-motor setup, you can expect it to cost from around £80,000. If, however, BMW fits the full-fat 720hp triple-motor system from its ‘Power BEV’ test car, the i4M could end up costing closer to £100,000.

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