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What is Care by Volvo?

May 04, 2022 by

Volvo has introduced a new way to get a new car called Care by Volvo – a subscription service that lets you access a whole range of cars for a monthly fee.

Care by Volvo is the brand’s subscription service that offers customers access to a range of brand-new Volvos in exchange for a monthly payment. The service is available nationwide and users can subscribe to models across the Volvo range.

It aims to make customers’ lives easier by taking out the hassle of car ownership and offering a number of other bonuses at the same time. It’s a bit like a mobile phone contract where most of your costs are bundled into one figure.

Included in the subscription, Volvo will provide you with a brand-new car, service it for no additional cost, pay for any wear-and-tear repairs, take care of road tax and cover the cost of renewing the car’s MOT.

Subscribe flexibly to change car or cancel whenever – with just 3 months’ notice. Alternatively, subscribe for a fixed 36-month period and pay a lower fee. You can either arrange your own insurance cover or opt for Volvo insurance which will be added to your monthly subscription.

As an example, the Care by Volvo subscription costs from £669 a month for an XC40 Recharge Core. At the end of the subscription, you can walk away or get a new subscription, with new car and continue your monthly payments without paying a deposit. If you want to access larger Volvo cars, such as the XC60 and XC90 SUVs, your monthly subscription will cost a bit more. Terms and conditions apply.

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