Lamborghini 4-door EV GT coming: exclusive render previews wild styling

May 24, 2021 by

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Lamborghini has confirmed that it’ll build a new all-electric performance car in the second half of the decade – this exclusive rendering shows what this new car could look like. Read on for full details…

  • New Lamborghini EV on the way
  • Exclusive rendering previews design
  • Expected to share e-tron GT/Taycan parts
  • More than 300 miles of range possible
  • Potential for 800hp electric motors
  • 0-60mph in close to 2.0 seconds
  • On sale between 2025-2030
  • Likely to cost from more than £170,000

Lamborghini has confirmed it will build a new electric car before 2030, following on from a new range of hybrid cars that’ll go on sale before the end of 2024.

Read on for full details of this new high-performance EV, including an exclusive rendering showing what it could look like.

New Lamborghini EV GT design

This exclusive rendering shows what the new Lamborghini EV GT could look like

Rather than build an all-out electric supercar, Lamborghini is expected to make its first electric car a four-door GT model – much like the Porsche Taycan and Audi RS e-tron GT. After all, the rip-roaring Lamborghini Urus shares more than just its colossal size with the Audi RSQ8 and Porsche Cayenne – all three cars have near-identical 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engines.

This Estoque concept was Lamborghini’s first attempt at building a four-door car

Lamborghini was on the brink of building a four-door GT car once before, in the form of the Estoque concept (above.) The new car won’t take too much inspiration from this concept, but its long, low silhouette and angular bodywork will still look unmistakably bullish.

New Lamborghini EV GT performance and range

The new Lamborghini EV is expected to share parts with the current Porsche Taycan

Lamborghini has confirmed that its first electric car will go on sale before 2030. At this point, the Porsche Taycan (with which it’s expected to share some electrical components) will be almost 10 years old. This means Lamborghini’s first EV will come with some pretty significant mechanical upgrades in the form of larger, more powerful batteries and beefier electric motors.

Currently, the range-topping Taycan Turbo S has around 250 miles of range and can dish out 761hp in boost mode. Lamborghini’s first EV could have comfortably more than 300 miles of range and deliver more than 800hp without breaking a sweat.

Currently, Lamborghini’s quickest cars (the Aventador VJ and Huracan Performance) can accelerate from 0-60mph in less than three seconds. This new EV could edge closer to two seconds flat. Watch out, Tesla…

New Lamborghini EV GT interior

Expect the new electric car to have much more tech than today’s Lamborghini Urus (above)

Lamborghinis tend to have wild-looking exteriors full of exposed carbon fibre, hexagonal trims and dark Alcantara punctuated by luminously bright stitching. Expect more of the same from its new electric car along with some next-generation infotainment technology such as advanced voice commands, giant screens and tonnes of connectivity features.

In terms of practicality, don’t go expecting to carry any designer furniture in the boot but the new Lamborghini will likely have four doors and either three back seats or two racy bucket seats.

When can we expect the Lamborghini EV GT to go on sale?

Lamborghini isn’t going to be building its first electric car any time soon. So far it’s confirmed that it’ll reveal a new range of hybrid cars that’ll go on sale before the end of 2024 and its first EV will appear in the ‘second half of the decade’.

When it does appear in showrooms (sometime between 2025 and 2030) you can bet it’ll cost significantly more than its Porsche and Audi equivalents. A Lamborghini Urus SUV costs almost £40,000 more than a top-spec Audi RSQ8. Apply that logic to the new electric GT car, and you’ll be looking at a bill for more than £170,000.

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