New Land Rover Defender SVX: special edition off-roader spotted

July 20, 2023 by

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A special edition version of the Land Rover Defender has been spotted testing, and it could be getting a new engine with more power. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Land Rover Defender SVX spotted
  • Range-topping version of the off-roader
  • More rugged styling
  • Could get more power from V8 engine
  • On sale next year

What is the Land Rover Defender SVX?

The V8 Land Rover Defender came out a couple of years ago, and it’s currently the most powerful version you can get. This new SVX model could change that with a new engine, and it looks as though it’ll get more rugged styling as well.

Think of it as a potential alternative to something like a Mercedes-AMG G63. The SVX is likely to make a debut early next year.

New Land Rover Defender SVX design

This new Land Rover Defender SVX looks as though it’ll get a more rugged and aggressive-looking design than the standard car. The camouflage on this prototype doesn’t hide an awful lot here.

Up front, you can see the lower bumper is covered over but it appears to have larger air intakes than the standard Defender V8. There could also be a new grille design under that disguise, as well as new skid plates for off roading.

The wheel arches are also wider on this car, probably to accommodate some larger tyres. The car is running on road tyres on the track, however you can see the rear-mounted spare is wrapped in all-terrain rubber.

There are quad tailpipes at the rear, the same as you get on the Defender V8 suggesting that this car will still use an eight-cylinder engine. Beyond this, it’s Defender business as usual.

New Land Rover Defender SVX engine and performance

It’s not clear what’s under the bonnet of this Land Rover Defender SVX, but being a range-topping car you can bet it’ll have a V8 engine.

See how the Defender V8 gets on in a drag race…

The standard Defender V8 uses a 5.0-litre supercharged engine with 525hp and 625Nm of torque. There’s a good chance that the SVX will use this engine, or the brand could go in a different direction.

The full-fat Range Rover uses a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine from BMW with 530hp. That’s slightly more than the Defender’s engine, and it’s capable of making even more power. In the BMW M5 Competition it makes 625hp, so the Defender SVX could make use of this powerplant.

New Land Rover Defender SVX price and release date

Expect to see this new Land Rover Defender SVX to make its debut in early 2024, wearing a much larger price tag than the standard V8 Defender. That car costs up to £115,000, so expect this model to fetch closer to £130,000.

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