Mercedes Vision EQXX electric concept car revealed with 620+ miles of range

January 03, 2022 by

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This is the Mercedes Vision EQXX — an electric coupe capable of 621 miles on a single charge. Read on for full details of this next step in Mercedes’ electric future.

  • Mercedes Vision EQXX revealed
  • EV with 621 miles of range
  • Sleek coupe previews future of Mercedes EVs
  • Most aerodynamic Mercedes ever
  • Powered by a single 204hp electric motor
  • 8k full-width infotainment system
  • Vegan-friendly interior
  • Won’t enter production
  • Will inspire future models

This is the new Mercedes Vision EQXX — an electric car that’s said to be capable of 620 miles on a single charge.

It’s an aerodynamic four-door coupe that won’t go on sale, but it will inspire the next wave of Mercedes electric cars.

New Mercedes Vision EQXX design

Aerodynamic efficiency has been the aim of the game with the Mercedes Vision EQXX, resulting in this low-slung coupe.

It may look like a long thing in pictures, but it’s actually quite small. In fact, it has a shorter wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels) than a Mercedes C-Class.

The front end is quite a departure from the current usual Mercedes style. There’s no huge blanked-off grille, rather a very low-cut nose with bulbous headlights pushed out to either side.

You’ll find the Mercedes three-pointed star pushed quite high up onto the bonnet too. This isn’t a first for the German firm though – its AMG One hypercar uses a similar badge.

At the back, this EQXX puts ‘longtail’ cars such as the McLaren 765LT to shame. The huge extension is there to reduce drag, but gives the EQXX a supervillain vibe at the same time.

This sleek styling all means the Mercedes Vision EQXX produces less drag than any current production car. For the aerodynamics nerds among you, it has a drag coefficient of 0.18 Cd. This is about 0.02 less than the super-slippery Mercedes EQS and Tesla Model S Plaid.

New Mercedes Vision EQXX batteries and range

Providing charge for the Mercedes Vision EQXX is a 100kWh battery pack.

That’s a bit less than the 108kWh one you’ll find in a Mercedes EQS, but it also uses a different structure that allows it to be half the size and 30% lighter. Mercedes drafted the help of engineers from its Formula One team to help achieve this.

Combined with the aero-optimised bodywork, the Mercedes Vision EQXX is said to be capable of 621 miles (1,000km) on a single charge. That’s just about enough to get from Paris to Berlin.

New Mercedes Vision EQXX motor and performance

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Mercedes Vision EQXX packed some serious performance to go with the sporty-coupe looks. That’s not really the case, though.

It’s powered by a single electric motor kicking out 204hp. That’s about the same as Hyundai Kona Electric.

That said, the lightweight nature of the Vision EQXX should mean it’s still a reasonably brisk car, if not quite as quick as something like a Tesla Model 3 Performance.

New Mercedes Vision EQXX interior and infotainment

The interior of the Mercedes Vision EQXX is made entirely of vegan-friendly materials.

The seats are trimmed in imitation leather made up of crushed cactus fibres and polyurethane, with a material made from mushroom roots used on the base.

You’ll also find a gigantic 8k full-width display across the dashboard that puts even Mercedes’ own ‘Hyperscreen’ system to shame.

New Mercedes Vision EQXX production

Don’t rush for your wallet just yet, as the Mercedes Vision EQXX won’t enter production. At least not like this.

It’s more likely to serve as an inspiration for future Mercedes models, both in terms of design and technology.

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