New Mercedes Vision One-Eleven concept revealed: wild technology showcase detailed

June 15, 2023 by

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This is the Mercedes Vision One-Eleven concept, and it’s a new design showcase for the brand inspired by the C 111 concept of the 1970s. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Mercedes Vision One-Eleven concept revealed
  • Low-slung coupe inspired by C 111 concept
  • Huge gullwing doors like that car
  • Radical interior design
  • New, more compact motor technology
  • Not expected to go on sale

Mercedes has revealed a new design showcase called the Vision One-Eleven concept. It’s a low-slung coupe with gull wing doors, as well as a clever new type of electric motor.

It’s just a concept car which is unlikely to ever go into production, however it does give you a glimpse at some of the technology you may see on future Mercedes performance cars.

New Mercedes Vision One-Eleven design

This new concept is inspired by the 1970s C 111 (pictured front)

The new Mercedes Vision One-Eleven concept is inspired by the C 111 concept of the 1970s, and you can certainly see the influence of that car in the design.

It has a low-slung and pointy front end, although the pop-up headlights have been scrapped in favour of a new digital face which houses the round LED headlights. There are also some subtle vents in the front wings, but other than that it’s a clean design.

The standout feature down the side is the huge gullwing doors, just like the ones on the C 111, and there are large black side skirts. The massive wheels have also been designed to emulate electric motors.

The digital facia at the rear is similar to the one at the front, and the massive rear diffuser makes it look more aggressive.

New Mercedes Vision One-Eleven interior

The cabin of the new Mercedes Vision One-Eleven concept is equally as outlandish as the exterior, with a blend of modern and retro design touches.

The main thing you’ll notice is the full-width display across the dashboard. This is where the retro vibe comes from as it’s an orange pixelated display, looking a bit like someone nicked one of those dot-matrix displays from a gantry on the M25.

There is a small colour touchscreen in the centre for your infotainment, and there’s a rectangular steering wheel a bit like the one you’ll find on the AMG One. Those sports seats also look like a prop for a human statue.

New Mercedes Vision One-Eleven motors

While there are no performance or range stats for the Mercedes Vision One-Eleven concept, it does have some new motor tech which you may see on future Mercedes models.

The first development is something called an Axial Flux motor. Essentially what this means is the motors are both smaller and lighter than traditional motors, one third of the weight to be specific, while still offering the same power output.

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