Five cool features of the new MG7

March 08, 2024 by

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Here are some of the interesting elements you’ll find on the new Chinese luxury sedan.

The MG7 is a bold proposition in the luxury saloon market, and could present a challenge to conventional brands with impressive leaps in design, technology, and performance.

Although MG is a brand with historical roots in sports cars and compact vehicles, the MG7, now available on the Chinese market but sadly unlikely to reach the UK, aims to conquer a more premium segment with features that set it apart from the competition. Some of these are:

Two-part retractable spoiler

One of the most striking features of the MG7 is its two-part retractable rear spoiler. This innovation not only improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics at high speeds but also provides a distinctive element in terms of design.

33.0-inch interior screen

Located on the dashboard is a huge 33.0-inch infotainment screen that stretches across the cabin, offering access to a plethora of entertainment, navigation, and connectivity functions, as well as all the necessary information for the driver.

Surprising absence of hybrid or electric variants

In an era when the automotive industry is increasingly leaning towards electrification, it’s surprising to see the MG7 launching without hybrid or electric variants. Instead, it offers two petrol engine options: a 140hp engine for those seeking efficiency and a powerful 290hp engine ideal if you want a bit more speed and dynamic performance.

Premium equipment

Among the standout features are the high-fidelity Bose speakers, promising an impressive auditory experience, and leather sports seats which combine comfort with a touch of sporting sophistication.

Competitive price

Despite its extensive equipment and premium features, the MG7 costs from just £13,636 in the Chinese market. When it hits Europe, it’s more likely to cost from around £25,500, which is still a very competitive price.