Kerb your enthusiasm: drivers in Brighton most likely to scuff their alloy wheels

August 24, 2022 by

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carwow analysis of hundreds of thousands of cars uploaded to Sell Your Car platform reveals the areas in the UK most and least likely to see sellers say they’ve kerbed their cars’ wheels

  • 51.43% of cars in Brighton and Hove reported to have damaged alloy wheels
  • Drivers from Comhairle Eilean Siar, Outer Hebrides, least likely to have kerbed rims
  • Nationwide, 42.24% of cars are reported to have one or more scuffed alloy

Drivers in Brighton and Hove are most likely to have kerbed alloy wheels, an analysis of hundreds of thousands of vehicles has revealed.

Customers using carwow’s Sell Your Car platform are asked a series of simple questions about the condition of their vehicles when uploading details to the site so that dealers know how to accurately bid on their cars. One of the questions is whether a car has any scuffs to its alloy wheels and, if so, how many.

carwow’s data* reveals 51.43% of sellers in Brighton and Hove flagged up one or more scuffed alloy when uploading details to Sell Your Car.

The next worst area for drivers reporting kerbed wheels is Elmbridge, Surrey, where 50.47% of sellers said their car had at least one scuffed wheel. carwow customers from Eastbourne, East Sussex, were the third most likely to report a dinged rim, with 49.52% admitting to alloy damage.

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London, meanwhile, home to millions of people and countless kerbs, was the 13th most common location for drivers to report a scuffed wheel, with 47.68% of drivers saying they had kerbed at least one alloy.

carwow also analysed the places where drivers are most likely to report that all four wheels of their car are kerbed, and Brighton and Hove again topped the list, with 17.61% of drivers saying they had scuffs on all four alloys. London was the next worst area for this, with 17.11% of drivers reporting four damaged wheels.

Nationwide, 42.24% of drivers uploading cars to carwow’s Sell Your Car platform across said they had one or more scuffed alloy, while 11.8% said all four wheels of their car were kerbed.

Turning to the places where drivers are least likely to report scuffed wheels, just 31.72% of Sell Your Car users from Comhairle Eilean Siar, Outer Hebrides, reported one or more kerbed wheel, meaning the vast majority (68.28%) of drivers from Comhairle Eilean Siar have unblemished wheels.

Drivers from Fermanagh and Omagh, Northern Ireland, are next most likely to have unmarked wheels, with just 34.1% of drivers reporting a scuffed alloy. South Holland, Lincs, was the next best place for unmarked alloys, with just 35.07% of Sell Your Car customers telling carwow of damaged alloys.

carwow also looked at the average number of kerbed wheels per car, and here again drivers from Brighton and Hove fared worst, with an average of 1.31 scuffed alloys per car. Motorists in Comhairle Eilean Siar, meanwhile, fared best here, at an average of 0.69 kerbed wheels per car.

Rank Town/region % of cars with one or more kerbed alloy
1 Brighton and Hove, East Sussex 51.43%
2 Elmbridge, Surrey 50.47%
3 Eastbourne, East Sussex 49.52%
4 Epsom and Ewell, Surrey 49.16%
5 Spelthorne, Surrey 49.13%
6 Kingston upon Hull 48.98%
7 Dartford, Kent 48.78%
8 Adur, West Sussex 48.63%
9 Bristol   48.57%
10 Worthing, West Sussex 48.48%

Least likely places for kerbed alloys

Rank Town/region % of cars with one or more kerbed alloy
1 Comhairle Eilean Siar, Outer Hebrides 31.72%
2 Fermanagh and Omagh, Northern Ireland 34.1%
3 South Holland, Lincolnshire 35.07%
4 Hambleton, North Yorkshire 36.18%
5 Boston, Lincolnshire 36.36%
6 Highland, Scotland 36.39%
=7 Derry and Strabane, Northern Ireland 36.48%
=7 West Somerset 36.48%
9 West Lindsey, Lincolnshire 36.58%
10 Moray, Scotland 36.6%

*Data drawn from user sessions on carwow’s Sell Your Car platform between January and August 2022