New Nissan Max-Out roadster concept revealed: everything you need to know

February 02, 2023 by

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Nissan has just revealed a new electric roadster concept called the Max-out, and it aims to make EV motoring more fun. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Nissan Max-Out concept revealed
  • Previews what a future roadster from Nissan may look like
  • Striking, angular shape
  • Minimalist interior design
  • May offer autonomous driving
  • Unlikely to go on sale in current form

The Nissan Max-Out concept has been revealed, and this electric roadster is a showcase for what future Nissans could look like. There’s no details around motors or batteries just yet though.

New Nissan Max-Out design

If you asked someone in the 1970’s what they thought cars would look like in the future, they may draw something similar to the Nissan Max-Out concept. It’s a very wedge-like shape with a combination of sharp creases and smooth curves.

There’s a huge open-air vent at the front with some 3D effect headlights, as well as some funky green trim. There are also some unique wheels and a huge wraparound windscreen.

The rear of the car has a circular light bar with the word Nissan spelled out across the middle. There are minimal creases to be seen over this car, with just a few lines down the side to make it look more muscular.

See what Mat makes of Nissan’s latest EV in the video below…

New Nissan Max-Out concept interior

The interior of the Nissan Max-Out concept takes the modern trend of minimalism to a new extreme. This two-seater has a huge screen spanning the entire dashboard and not much else.

That screen can be used for playing video games while you’re charging, and the lack of pedals and the odd-shaped steering wheel hints at some autonomous driving capabilities.

Will you be able to buy the Nissan Max-Out concept?

The Nissan Max-Out is just a concept for now, and it’s unlikely to go on sale in its current state.

It may inspire future Nissan models though, but don’t expect to see a roadster like this until close to 2030.

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