Over nine in ten Brits still confused on ULEZ rules just one month out from major changes

August 02, 2023 by

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  • Latest carwow data reveals that 92% of soon-to-be affected drivers aren’t sure what ULEZ penalties they could be facing after the expansion in a month’s time
  • While consumers broadly support reducing air pollution, the majority think now is the wrong time to introduce charges in light of the cost of living crisis
  • Almost a fifth of drivers admit they won’t make changes to their car or driving habits amid new regulations

New data from car buying and selling platform carwow reveals that a third of people who will soon be affected by London’s ULEZ expansion still don’t know if their own car is compliant, despite the city being just a month away from significant changes to the scheme, which come into effect 29 August.*

The findings are supported by research commissioned by carwow in May of this year, which revealed widespread confusion from Londoners over upcoming ULEZ changes, and whether their cars will be compliant.** The figures in May showed an eye-opening 64% of Londoners unsure if their cars would incur charges, with fewer than half (44%) saying they understood how the zones work.

Despite widespread confusion around whether their cars will be affected, and little improvement in people’s understanding over the last two months, carwow’s research found general support for the schemes: 40% of Londoners supported the zones compared to just 31% who actively opposed them. Furthermore, more than half (56%) of Londoners surveyed agreed that the ULEZ expansion and other new Low Emission Zones will help build a better world for future generations.

However, while the findings indicated support for reducing air pollution, it also indicated that people have reservations over the timing. Six in 10 (60%) of all Londoners surveyed thought that given the cost of living crisis, now is the wrong time to grow these zones.

Ahead of the deadline, the new data shows that over a third (38%) are considering a hybrid or electric vehicle as their next car, however almost two thirds (60%) of those polled admit their reluctance to switching to a greener electric or hybrid vehicle is due to costs – with almost one in five (18%) claiming that they won’t be changing how or where they drive car, despite the risk of facing a daily charge.

carwow’s UK Managing Director, Sally Foote, said: “With just a month to go until London’s ULEZ expansion, it’s alarming to see that only 8% of those who could be affected feel confident about their understanding of the increased cost to driving they might incur. And what’s more concerning, is that even as we creep closer to changes coming into effect, people remain uncertain over what it means for them.

“We encourage people to check their vehicle now to avoid unexpected charges from the end of August. For those who find their vehicle isn’t compliant, it might be better to consider selling up and switching sooner rather than later. We’re expecting an influx of non-compliant cars entering the market in London and the South East over the coming weeks, which could impact the prices sellers can get for their vehicles.”

To find out if you will be impacted by the upcoming ULEZ expansion, check out carwow’s ULEZ Checker here: www.carwow.co.uk/ulez-checker