TfL to impose toll on drivers using Blackwall Tunnel from 2025

August 15, 2023 by

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Motorists will need to pay a charge to use the popular crossing under the River Thames, with the fees helping pay for the new Silvertown Tunnel. Read on to find out more.

Drivers in London will need to shell out more money to drive around the capital, following the announcement that the Blackwall Tunnel will become a toll road from 2025.

Transport for London confirmed the plans to introduce a toll for the north and southbound routes under the river, with prices dependent on the size of vehicle. Prices will be announced closer to the introduction, which will coincide with the opening of the new Silvertown Tunnel.

On top of the new toll, or the cost of the new Silvertown Tunnel that’s being built to help reduce congestion, and for which drivers will also be charged to use – motorists may also need to pay to drive within the Ultra Low Emission Zone (if their vehicle isn’t compliant) and the Congestion Charge zone.

The new toll is likely to prove controversial, with pressure already mounting on London mayor Sadiq Khan over the pressure the new ULEZ charge is putting on car users during a cost of living crisis.

TfL said the charges will be used to maintain both existing Blackwall tunnels and cover the £2 billion costs for building the Silvertown Tunnel and the service buildings. Any money made on top of that will be put towards improving the London transport and road networks.

But with £12.50 for the ULEZ charge if the vehicle doesn’t comply with emissions standards and £15 congestion charge for drivers going into the central area, people commuting from the South East to Central London could be paying in excess of £30 a day just to drive in.

The Blackwall Tunnel – which has separate tunnels running north and south – has been free to use since it opened in 1897. Around 50,000 drivers use each tunnel every day.

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