New Lamborghini Lanzador revealed: crazy jacked-up electric coupe

August 21, 2023 by

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This is the new Lamborghini Lanzador concept, and it’s a look at the first ever all-electric Lambo which you’ll be able to buy in 2028. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Lamborghini Lanzador revealed
  • All-electric GT car
  • Coupe with raised ride height
  • Around 1,360hp
  • Futuristic interior
  • On sale in 2028

The Lamborghini Lanzador concept has been revealed, and this will be the first ever all-electric Lamborghini which you’ll be able to buy.

It may not have a sonorous V12 engine under the bonnet, but the dual electric motors produce a whopping 1,360hp.

New Lamborghini Lanzador design

Just when you think Lamborghinis can’t get much crazier, the Italian brand comes out with something like the Lanzador. It looks a bit like the love child between a Huracan and an Urus, with elements of other limited-run Lamborghinis sprinkled in.

Those thin LED headlights up front and the pointy nose are typical supercar, making the Lanzador look sleek and sporty. There are also massive air intakes in the lower bumper, as well as some flashes of red to further spice things up.

It’s down the side that things get peculiar. It has the rakish silhouette of a two-door coupe, but the raised ride height of a mud-plugging SUV. The chunky black cladding around the wheel arches also adds to the off-roady look, however those 23-inch alloys probably wouldn’t be much good in the rough stuff.

Looking at the rear, those tail lights look similar to those found on the Lamborghini Sian. What’s not so similar to the Sian is that mad lower bumper with cut-outs around the wheels, and there’s a huge diffuser as well.

New Lamborghini Lanzador motors and performance

There may not be a thumping V12 at the heart of the new Lamborghini Lanzador, but there is something just as impressive. It has one electric motor on each axle, and combined they put out one Megawatt of power.

That’s around 1,360hp in the real world, which is over 300hp more than the recently-revealed Lamborghini Revuelto with its V12 hybrid.

To help put that power to the ground, the Lanzador has all-wheel-drive and torque vectoring which can shift power to the wheel with the most grip to help slingshot you around corners. There’s also active air suspension to help keep things comfortable on long journeys.

New Lamborghini Lanzador interior and infotainment

Lamborghini claims that the Lanzador is inspired by spaceships. We’ll let you make up your own mind on any extraterrestrial links, but the cabin certainly looks futuristic.

The dashboard is dominated by two huge screens, one for the driver and one for your co-pilot. You also have a thin centre console with a minimalistic design, and there’s plenty of sustainably tanned leather around the place.

New Lamborghini Lanzador: when can you buy one?

The Lamborghini Lanzador is just a concept for now, however it previews a future limited-run car which is coming in 2028.

Price wise, it’s a bit early to put a number on it just yet. The Lamborghini Revuelto starts from around £300,000, so you can expect this limited edition EV to fetch north of £500,000.

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