1 in 5 still not sure how ULEZ will affect them as London gears up for changes next week

August 22, 2023 by

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  • Nearly half (44%) who don’t have a compliant car, are concerned that ULEZ expansion has impacted the value of their vehicle – whether they live inside ULEZ or not
  • One in five (22%) still don’t feel confident that they understand the details of the scheme
  • carwow reveals its top last minute tips for preparing for the ULEZ expansion – from watching out for scams to how to sell your non-compliant car quickly

New data from carwow, the online marketplace for buying and selling cars, reveals that one in five (22%) carwow customers are still uncertain on the details of ULEZ, despite the expansion coming into effect in just one week’s time.

The research suggests that many motorists are concerned that the changes have impacted the resale value of their vehicles, with 44% of customers who don’t have a compliant car admitting they’re worried the ULEZ expansion has impacted the value of their car – whether they live inside ULEZ or not.

In recent weeks, carwow has seen an 68% increase in customers listing cars aged 15+ years (non-compliant petrol and diesel) from London boroughs. The new rules will impact a potential 700,000 vehicles in Greater London according to RAC figures*, with motorists driving non-compliant cars facing daily charges of £12.50 – up to £375 a month for someone who drives daily.

In light of the upcoming changes, one in four (25%) say the new clean air zone rules have encouraged them to consider an electric vehicle (EV), with 17% reporting that they were already considering one.

Experts at carwow give their top tips for getting ULEZ ready:

1. Sell Nationally
Outside the major metropolitan areas where there are fewer cars and people are much less likely to have these schemes implemented, car buyers are keeping their eyes peeled for good-quality used cars that don’t need to be ULEZ-compliant. On carwow, we see a great conversion on quality non-compliant cars, so we know there’s still high demand for good-condition cars in other parts of the UK.

2. Shop around for the best price
With the ULEZ expansion just one week away, if you do have plans to sell your non-compliant car there’s not too much time left. Private car valuations can give you a higher sale price, but online selling sites can offer a much more convenient experience. Do some desktop research to find a balance between price and convenience of sale that you’d be happy with.

3. Beware of scammers
With the increased attention on ULEZ, Sadiq Khan has warned drivers of scam websites which claim to offer an easier way to pay the charge. The only way to pay for charges will be via Transport for London’s (TfL) website. If you spot anything that doesn’t look right – trust your gut and stick to the official websites.

4. ULEZ compliant cars are available at all price points
There are budget-friendly options for older emission zone-friendly vehicles. But if you don’t want to buy – leasing often comes with lower costs compared to other financing approaches, potentially allowing you to opt for a more high-spec vehicle, if you’re interested in a feature-packed car but don’t necessarily want to own one.

5. Don’t judge a car’s ULEZ compatibility on its age
Watch out: a diesel car manufactured as early as 2014 could meet ULEZ standards, while another produced in 2016 might not. Be sure to use a ULEZ checking tool – not just the car’s age – as a sign that the car you want to buy (or sell) is compliant.

Sally Foote, UK Managing Director at carwow, said: “Although ULEZ has sparked a lot of national headlines, we’re predicting the expansion of the scheme from next Tuesday will still leave many unsuspecting motorists facing unexpected fines from next week. Regardless of whether you agree with ULEZ or not, it’s concerning that one in five of our Sell My Car customers still say they don’t know how it will affect them and remain confused about the details of the scheme.

“We urgently want to make sure people are armed with the facts and are able to prepare for the changes. People should look into the charges they could face and explore the options for selling their car if it’s non-compliant. Things like selling further afield can be a great way to still get a decent price. Finally, be sure to be aware of scammers – any communications around paying a ULEZ charge, or fine should come directly from Transport for London (TfL) so do a thorough check on where any ULEZ-related emails, text messages or other communications appear to be coming from.”

For more information on London’s ULEZ and to find out if your vehicle is compliant, visit: www.carwow.co.uk/ulez-checker