Government passes laws to make public EV charging easier and more accessible

October 27, 2023 by

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The Government has passed new laws to make life easier for the owners of electric cars when charging on the go. Read on to find out more. 

New laws have been approved by MPs to make charging electric cars easier and more reliable. EV drivers will benefit from transparent pricing information, more reliable charging points and simpler payment methods.

Charging providers will be required to make pricing information easily accessible to customers, making it easier for you to shop around and get the best deal. Data will also have to be opened up to apps, online maps and in-car software to make it easy to find a compatible charger, the charging speed it’s capable of and whether or not it’s working.

In addition, the majority of new charging stations will be required to have contactless payment options, ending the need to have specific apps for each provider. These measures come as part of the Government’s plans to boost charging infrastructure ahead of the 2035 ban on petrol and diesel car sales.

Commenting on this new legislation, Technology and Decarbonisation Minister Jesse Norman said: “Over time, these new regulations will improve EV charging for millions of drivers, helping them find the charge points they want, providing price transparency so that they can compare the cost of different charging options, and updating payment methods.

“They will make the switch to electric easier than ever for drivers, support the economy and help the UK reach its 2035 goals.”

To further boost consumer confidence, users will also have access to 24/7 helplines to resolve any issues they may have while using public charging points. James Court, CEO of the Electric Vehicle Association said: “ Better reliability, clearer pricing, easier payments, plus the potentially game-changing opportunities of open data are all a major step forward for EV drivers and should make the UK one of the best places to charge in the world.

“As the rollout of charging infrastructure gathers momentum, these regulations will ensure quality and help put consumers’ needs at the heart of this transition.”

The Government has also promised to support the rollout of charging infrastructure across the UK, with local councils eligible to apply for a share of the £381 million Local EV infrastructure fund. It says that this will be enough to introduce tens of thousands more charging points, making life with an EV easier for those with no access to off-street parking.

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