The new Shelby Super Snake Mustang is bonkers, and you can have one in the UK

June 13, 2024 by

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This is the new Shelby Super Snake Mustang, and it’s available to buy in the UK with right-hand drive.

  • New Shelby Super Snake Mustang on sale now
  • 850hp American muscle car available in right-hand drive
  • Suspension upgraded for better handling
  • Plenty of styling upgrades to help it stand out
  • Prices start from £220,000

The Ford Mustang is the only real muscle car you can buy here in the UK, and now there’s a souped-up Shelby Super Snake Mustang on offer from luxury car dealer Clive Sutton.

It’s packing a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 with 830hp, and you can even have it with a manual gearbox.

New Shelby Super Snake Mustang engine and performance

Let’s face it, the main reason for buying an American muscle car is what’s under the hood, and the new Shelby Super Snake is packing something rather special.

New Ford Shelby Super Snake rear spoiler

It uses the same 5.0-litre V8 engine as the Ford Mustang GT, only it’s been fitted with a whopping great supercharger to make over 830hp. That’ll make it pretty lairy thanks to the rear-wheel drive layout, and it’s available with a proper manual gearbox as well.

The Super Snake also has uprated suspension which is lower and stiffer to make it more agile through the corners, as well as performance brakes so it can stop as well as it goes. Weight is kept to a minimum with an aluminium bonnet and swathes of carbon fibre.

New Shelby Super Snake Mustang design

There’s not much point in buying a bonkers V8 muscle car which isn’t as shouty to look at as its exhaust note, and the Super Snake is certainly no shrinking violet.

New Ford Shelby Super Snake front

It has huge carbon fibre bonnet vents to keep that supercharger cool, a massive front splitter and a Shelby-specific grille which also enhances airflow to the engine. You also get carbon fibre side skirts and wheel arch extensions to give it proper road presence.

New Ford Shelby Super Snake rear

Down the side you’ll notice the 20-inch forged magnesium wheels, as well as the vents in the wings which let air out of the wheel arches. You can’t ignore the wing on the back either, although you can’t have that if you go for the convertible version.

New Ford Shelby Super Snake rear convertible

That’s right, you can have this car as a drop-top to really make the most out of the uprated Borla exhaust system, and other than the wing it looks pretty much the same as the Coupe.

New Shelby Super Snake Mustang price and release date

You can get your new Shelby Super from Clive Sutton now, and it’s even available in right-hand drive. All this brash American muscle doesn’t come cheap though, with prices starting from £220,000.
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