Toyota reveals two new EVs: all-electric Land Cruiser on the way

October 24, 2023 by

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Toyota has revealed a couple of new EV concepts at the Japan Mobility show, including an all-electric Land Cruiser. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Toyota Land Cruiser Se revealed
  • All-electric version of the iconic off-roader
  • New EPU electric pickup truck also revealed
  • Could get up to 500 miles of range
  • Steer-by-wire yoke also features
  • Possibly on sale before 2027

Toyota has an all-electric Land Cruiser in the pipeline, and the new concept car has been revealed. It looks completely different to the Land Cruiser we know today, and it’ll be all-new under the skin as well.

Along with this new SUV, there’s also a new all-electric pickup truck called the EPU. There aren’t many details on what’s powering these two EVs, however Toyota has been working on new battery technology which could deliver up to 500 miles of range by 2026.

New Toyota Land Cruiser Se

It wasn’t too long ago that Toyota revealed the new Land Cruiser, well now it’s pulled the covers off a new all-electric version of the iconic off-roader.

It’s called the Land Cruiser Se, and it looks nothing like the boxy off-roader which the brand revealed a few months ago. It still has a pretty angular design, but it doesn’t have the same retro-modern look as the current car.

Being an EV, there are no grilles cluttering up the front end, just a pair of slim LED headlights and some neatly integrated air intakes to cool the battery. It does have a more rakish side profile than previous Land Cruisers, with a sporty sloping roofline making it look more like a traditional SUV than a tough mud-plugger.

That theme continues at the rear of the car, where you’ll find sleek LEd tail lights which look a bit like the ones found on the Fisker Ocean. Size-wise, this electric car sits between the new Land Cruiser we’ll get in Europe and the larger 300 Series car available in the Middle East. Like those cars, it’s also available with seven seats.

Unlike any previous Land Cruiser, the Se doesn’t use a body-on-frame design, it utilises a more modern and conventional monocoque construction. This essentially means that the structural parts of the car are built into the body, rather than having a ladder frame chassis with a body dropped on top.

This should give the Land Cruiser SE better on-road manners than previous models, however it’s the body-on-frame design which gives the car its immense off-road ability. Toyota says this car will still be more than capable on the rough stuff, though.

New Toyota EPU electric pickup also revealed

Joining the new electric Land Cruiser, we have a new all-electric pickup truck called the EPU. It’s around the same size as a Toyota Hilux, and it has a pretty clever load bed.

If you need to carry something which is longer than the load area, the tailgate can fold in half and provide a barrier to stop those planks of wood sliding out onto the road. Like the Land Cruiser, the EPU uses a monocoque construction so it should be pretty comfortable on the road for a truck.

Toyota has also revealed the interior of the EPU, and it has a Tesla-style yoke steering wheel. Unlike the Tesla Model S, this truck is likely to utilise the steer-by-wire system you can get on the Lexus RZ.

It allows you to turn from lock to lock in just 180-degrees of turning, so you don’t have to cross your arms over. It’s speed sensitive, meaning the steering will be quicker at low speeds for manoeuvring and slow down as you go faster for added stability.

New Toyota Land Cruiser Se and EPU batteries and range

Toyota Hasn’t revealed any battery specs for either the new Land Cruiser Se or the UPU, however they are both likely to make use of some new battery technology which Toyota is working on.

The brand is developing a new type of lithium ion battery which could deliver up to 500 miles of range, as well as being able to charge from 10-80% in 20 minutes or less.

When will I be able to buy these new EVs?

While there’s no official reveal set for either of these new cars, you can expect them to reach showrooms in around 2027. Toyota is going to start producing the improved batteries in 2026.

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