Toyota sets out EV strategy for future vehicles: hydrogen technology, solid state batteries and six new EVs

December 04, 2023 by

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Toyota has just had its annual Kenshiki Forum, an event at which it reveals all the latest models and tech you can expect from the brand over the coming years. Read on for all you need to know. 

  • Toyota sets out strategy for future EVs
  • Six dedicated EVs to be offered by 2026
  • New battery technology will give 620 miles of range
  • Solid state batteries also coming
  • Can charge from 10-80% in under 10 minutes
  • Development of hydrogen fuel cells also continues

Toyota’s annual Kenshiki Conference has been and gone, and the brand has set out plans for a raft of new technology which you can expect to see in future production cars. It will be expanding its EV line up to six vehicles by 2026, and beyond this will introduce some new battery tech.

As well as working on new electric cars, Toyota continues to develop hydrogen vehicles. The focus is on trucks and buses for now, however the brand is still pushing to bring hydrogen power to the masses in passenger vehicles.

Toyota to offer six EVs by 2026

Toyota only currently offers one pure electric model: the bZ4X. Well it plans to change this by expanding its EV lineup to include six models by 2026.

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The brand revealed one of these cars at last year’s Kenshiki Forum, called the Compact SUV concept. At first glance, it looks exactly the same as the new Toyota C-HR, however it is slightly larger than that car.

Two new EV concepts have also been revealed this year: the Sport Crossover and the Urban SUV. The Sport Crossover concept is a sleek-looking four-door coupe, not an SUV as the name might suggest, and it’ll go on sale in 2026.

It’s been designed with style in mind, offering an alternative for those wanting to buck the SUV trend. There’s no word on batteries or motors just yet, although it could use the same pack as the Toyota bZ4X giving it more than 320 miles of range.

As for the Urban SUV concept, you’ll see that hit the showrooms next year. It’ll be offered with two battery options, as well as either front or all-wheel drive. You’ll have to wait until 2024 for the exact specs though.

While the other two dedicated EV models remain a mystery, it’s safe to assume that they’ll be SUVs. You can expect to see a larger model come along to sit above the bZ4X, as well as the possibility of a mid-sized model to provide an alternative to something like a Kia EV6.

Toyota to offer solid state batteries by 2028

Beyond 2026, Toyota is planning to bring a range of new battery tech to market including revolutionary solid state packs.

From 2026 onwards, the brand will offer what it calls the ‘Performance’ battery pack. This uses traditional battery technology, but will have twice the range of the Toyota bZ4X, meaning more than 500 miles, as well as a 20% reduction in cost compared to that car.

Moving into 2027, it will bring out the ‘Popularisation version’ which uses a new type of battery structure, as well as new core materials to reduce the cost of production by 40% compared to the bZ4X, making future EVs from the brand more affordable.

The High-Performance battery will then be introduced between 2027 and 2028, offering more than 620 miles of range and fast charging times of 20 minutes or less to go from 10-80%.


inally, we have the introduction of solid state batteries from 2028. This will be revolutionary for EVs, because solid state technology allows for much faster charging, increased range and a smaller physical size than traditional batteries.

Find out more about solid state batteries in the video below…

Toyota is targeting more than 620 miles of range, as well as charging times of less than 10 minutes to go from 10-80%.

Toyota continues to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology

Toyota has long been one of the only brands to offer passenger cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Since the introduction of the Toyota Mirai in 2015, the brand has continued to focus on hydrogen as an alternative to pure electric power.

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As opposed to a normal electric which you have to plug in, cars like the Toyota Mirai use a hydrogen fuel cell to produce electricity which powers the motors. This offers you all the quick refuelling benefits of a petrol car, while still having zero tailpipe emissions.

Toyota is now shifting focus to the transport industry for its hydrogen technology. It’s already made a hydrogen-powered Hilux prototype pickup truck, and it’s now working on using this fuel for heavy-duty trucks and buses.

The brand will be using hydrogen-powered trucks for all of its logistical operations going forward, helping reduce its carbon emissions, and there are also plans to convert old diesel coaches to run on hydrogen.

By 2026, Toyota wants to introduce the next generation of its fuel cell technology, offering a 20% increase in range, as well as a reduction in cost. The Toyota Mirai can manage 400 miles between fill ups, so future models could go for 480 miles.

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