Volkswagen reveals ID. GTI sporty concept: new all-electric hot hatch

September 04, 2023 by

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Based on the ID. 2all Polo-sized concept, the GTI is a preview of the first EV to have the iconic name badge and is due in 2027. Read on to find out more.

  • First all-electric GTI previewed
  • Costs from around £22,000
  • Based on ID.2all concept
  • Revealed at Munich motor show
  • Should have more than 320hp
  • Set to have a 250-mile range

Could the return of the truly affordable hot hatch be imminent? Volkswagen may have the answer with the new ID. GTI concept that will continue the famous name.

With the German brand saying this ID. 2all-based sports EV will cost around €25,000 (around £22,000), but you’ll have to wait till 2027 before it’s due to arrive. 

Volkswagen ID. GTI design

Revealed at the Munich motor show, it looks very similar to the ID.2all, but the GTI concept features distinct styling touches that will be reminiscent of previous GTI models, like the Golf, Lupo and Polo

You’ll see a hexagonal pattern on the lower air inlet, with some bright red tow hooks, vertical LED daytime running lights and a horizontal light bar meeting with the modest VW badge in the middle. 

A unique bumper design compared to the ID.2all is also present, while the ‘GTI’ badge is on the front with black decals below the light bar. 

Down the side, you’ll find slim wing mirrors, 20-inch alloy wheels with a funky design and ‘GTI’ in the hubcaps, further black decals above black running boards, and additional GTI badges – if the identity of the car wasn’t clear enough. 

The sportiest angle of the GTI concept is at the rear. You get a large rooflip spoiler, a deep rear diffuser with two large elements with reflectors built in, further black stickers across the back and two sets of rectangular brake lights. The VW badge also illuminates when you press the brake pedal. 

Volkswagen ID. GTI interior

While the cabin still has some dynamic elements, it’s slightly more pared-back. There are a lot of smooth lines across the dashboard, which has two large displays – a touchscreen and a driver’s display. 

As a concept, there are also some unrealistic pieces inside that are unlikely to make it to the production car. The rectangular steering wheel is paired to the already-in-production ‘play’ and ‘stop’ pedals, while the head-up display is across the whole windscreen instead of a small section like on most cars. 

You’ll also see bucket seats covered in Jack-e upholstery, which is inspired by the Jacky chequered material used on the sixth version of the Golf GTI. 

The centre console holds a ‘Power Up’ button that’ll likely give you full power for a certain amount of time, while VW has also fitted a heartbeat light to the seat back that also acts as the security light when the car’s locked. 

Volkswagen ID. GTI battery and motors

Based on the ID.2all, which is capable of 280 miles on a charge and has 226hp, the GTI is set to have more power but slightly less range. 

The GTI will likely have close to 320hp and around 250 miles of range, unless Volkswagen can up the size of the battery pack so it can offer more. You also won’t have to hang around when charging, as it will go from 10-80% charge in 20 minutes.

How much will the VW ID. GTI cost? 

While prices may change before the production version of the GTI is released, Volkswagen has said it will cost around €25,000 or £22,000 – a lot less than most current hot hatches

With the ID.2all set for a 2026 release, and with GTI versions of previous models usually arriving a year later, you can expect the ID. GTI to arrive in 2027. 

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