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10 Signs You’re a True Car Geek

If youre reading this, chances are youve been accused of liking cars a bit too much. Heres ten signs we reckon show youre a true car geek.
1. You know the paint names of cars you dont own
2. After coming back from holiday you realise you took more photos of cars you saw than of the people you went with
3. At night you can tell what the car 50 metres ahead of you is, just from the brake lights
4. You remember certain roads and places by the awesome car you once saw there
5. You chuckle/tut when you see a car with a numberplate that refers to a different car. Such as X5 BOY on an M-Class
6. The password you use is related to cars
7. You like it when two of the same cars from different years are next to each other, so you can spot the subtle differences.
8. You feel annoyed when see cars with AMG, Brabus or M badges that shouldnt have them on
9. When sitting outside at a restaurant or pub you make sure youre facing the road, so you can keep an eye on what cars are going past
10. You know what 911 HUL refers to

How many of these refer to you, what did you get out of 10?!

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