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10 examples of parking that didn’t quite go as planned…

Some people don’t mind putting up with a few bumps and scrapes to their cars – it’s got to happen at some point, right?

We’re OK with that – after all’s said and done, cars are just objects…

However, some people take such a care-free approach to parking that we’d rather leave our cars in the adjoining county and walk the rest of the way. Here are 10 of the worst offenders!

This pensioner’s apparent hatred of potted plants might inspire the styling of the Mk 8 Golf.


Have you ever seen cars wrestle to decide which is the most boring silver saloon? You have now.


All of a sudden, the optional £300 reversing sensors seemed like a bargain.


How fast must you reverse to go that far off a drop that big?


Shopping trolley tells its mates: “If you think I look bad you should see the other guy…”


Police car… doughnut shop. We’ll leave that there.


“Forward a bit… forward a bit… bum.”


We don’t even.


“But you said taxi to the runway?”


And finally, if you can work out what’s happened here then let us know…

Remember, take care parking.

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(No one was seriously hurt in any of these incidents.)

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