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2017 VW Golf Mk7 facelift old vs new compared

VW has released details and photos of its facelifted Golf Mk7. This revised hatchback will go into battle against the likes of the Vauxhall Astra and Ford Focus before an all-new model is launched 2018. To find out what’s changed, we’ve compared it to the outgoing car side-by-side. For more details, read our full VW Golf Mk7 facelift guide.

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2017 VW Golf Mk7 facelift old vs new – styling

Even with the two cars parked side by side, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. The facelifted model does, however, feature a new front bumper with a wider air intake and – in R-Line trim – contrasting black trim pieces. The headlights feature new LED technology and, as a result, boast a slightly more modern design but it’s hardly a change worth writing home about.

The outgoing Golf’s smart silhouette and well-proportioned body have escaped any noticeable modifications and the windows and side-skirts look to have been picked straight from the old car’s parts catalogue. New brakelights and a broader-looking rear bumper do feature on the new Golf, however.

2017 VW Golf Mk7 facelift old vs new – interior and equipment

Inside, you’ll find the new Golf looks almost identical to the outgoing version. A similar smart dashboard with intuitive controls and high-quality materials are present and correct, but the most noticeable change is a larger infotainment display fitted to the centre console. This system is available in sizes ranging from 6.5-inches to 9.2-inches and, in top-spec Discover Pro trim, comes with new gesture controls.

High-spec versions will also be offered with a second screen mounted behind the steering wheel in place of the outgoing car’s analogue dials. This unit will display a wide range of information from your current speed to sat nav directions.

2017 VW Golf Mk7 facelift old vs new – engines and driving

In addition to the outgoing car’s range of petrol and diesel engines, the new Golf will be offered with a pair of new 1.5-litre petrol units. A 148hp version will deliver 58mpg while a more efficient Bluemotion model with 128hp will be capable of returning 61mpg. Both engines offer improved fuel economy over the existing car’s 52.3mpg 1.4-litre unit.

The latter will come with an Extended Coasting function that allows the car to selectively shut the engine off when you release the accelerator to help save fuel. VW claims this system could help add 8mpg to the car’s already impressive economy figure.

Elsewhere in the VW range, the GTI hot hatch has been tweaked to offer 227hp as standard and 242hp in upgraded Performance trim. The old model produced a slightly more modest 220hp. Other models such as the GTD, GTE hybrid and Golf R will retain the same mechanical underpinnings as the existing models.

2017 VW Golf Mk7 facelift old vs new – price and release date

VW hasn’t announced how much the new Golf will cost when it goes on sale in 2017. We expect it to carry a slight premium over the outgoing model thanks to the extra equipment and new engines on offer, however. Entry-level cars should set you back approximately £18,000 while range-topping Golf R versions could cost more than £34,000.

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