Top 5 girly cars

Now don't get us wrong, were not saying men shouldnt drive these cars, its just that women are strikingly fond of them. It was tricky narrowing down to just five, there were several others that could easily have made the bill, but here are our top 5 girly cars:

1. VW Beetle

Although the new beetle is supposedly more manly than its predecessor, lets face it, theyre never going to be able to shake off that flower power vibe. The retro styling of the old new Beetle with its rounded headlights, iconic curvaceous silhouette, candy colour scheme and flower vase are undeniably girly. The stylish new new Beetle is definitely more edgy and modern, but its still a cute, albeit slightly less bulbous bubble car! Glamorous girls are going to love the new sparkly diamondesque LEDs. It also comes in a cool palette of colours including Denim Blue, Candy White and Saturn yellow.

2. Fiat 500

barbie fiat 500 girly
The Fiat 500 oozes style and sophistication. It offers fashionistas the opportunity to show off their personal style with 500,000 possible trim, colour and option combos. Designer collaborations which the fairer sex will love include the Barbie edition complete with a range of lip glosses in the glovebox and a lightup vanity mirror, as well as the Fiat 500 by Gucci. This car is chic, distinctive and great for a girl about town.

3. The Mini Cooper

DVF Mini
Minis are adored for their button cute styling. Theyre compact, zippy and fun to drive, come dressed in some eye-catching hues and look prettier still as a cabriolet. This car has teenage girls around the world begging their fathers for one, and dreaming of a custom pink paint job.

4. Mazda MX-5

A highly coveted car which drives people to exclaim that its a hairdressers car and deem it overtly feminine. Theyre just jealous its so petite and delicately formed! Some even mock it for being a bad car, but these people are idiots frankly.
What it slightly lacks in speed and power, the MX-5 truly makes up for in handling. This car is adored by enthusiasts the world over. and rightly so, its a brilliant two-door sportscar.

5. Smart Fortwo

smart fortwo girly
Its essentially been proven that men generally have better spacial awareness than women and therefore are better at parking, so this tiny car is a godsend for women who find the feat a little on the tricky side. The fourtwo can be parked at whatever angle in the smallest of spaces. Its affordable, hugely economical, easy to drive and available with pick-and-mix colourful body panels and cheerful interior fabrics. Its perfect for popping to the shops. Trim names such as Pure, Pulse and Passion.
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