Orange Cars - why aren’t we buying them?

Orange cars can look fantastic. You only have to glance at the number of new cars released with this striking paintwork in 2011, to see that car manufacturers believe so too. Maybe 2012 will be the year for orange cars, as currently it cannot exactly be deemed a popular shade for car buyers, ranking just 10th globally in the Dupont colour popularity reports.
It doesnt help that its not exactly a conservative choice. Orange is seen as particularly vibrant and flamboyant, and screams look at me!. No wonder we shy away from it when it can elicit such strong love-hate reactions.
Orange BMW M3 GTS
However there are copious positive associations with the colour orange. From what I gather, after delving into a bit of colour psychology, orange is sporty, youthful and fun, much more playful than the colour red, and is bursting with energy and spontaneity. Its a high-spirited, inviting and sociable colour, which is also incredibly optimistic. In fact its a surprise orange cars dont feature more in these tough economic times, as its supposed to keep us motivated and lift our spirits. It also evokes the warmth of golden autumn leaves, sunsets and of course exotic citrus fruits. If youre an orage car owner, youre probably happy and fun-loving, adventurous and independent.
Orange may well be one of those colours which is just out of fashion, its awfully reminiscent of the 70s and is also such a seasonal colour with its correlation to Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Kia Sportage First Edition Orange
Practically speaking an orange car is a great car to own as its very easy to keep tabs on! Youll be able to spot it a mile away, and itll stand out in the snow - this could explain why orange is more readily bought in Sweden than any other country! Maybe its this hi-vis attribute that actually puts people off however - after all, orange is used on inmate jumpsuits to keep an eye on them as well as for emergency worker overalls and traffic cones. Do you really want to stick out like a sore thumb?
Negative connotations that could be assigned to owners of orange cars are that they crave attention and take too many risks. Perhaps they are also a bit of a show-off, a tad over-confident, self-indulgent and dare I say superficial and insincere. Slightly harsh I know, but thats what colour psychology vouches!
Orange Renault Captur
There are so many hues to choose between in the full spectrum of orange, you dont have to go for the most brilliant, brash and fiery tones; how about opting for subtler pastel versions of apricot, peach, honeydew melon or perhaps deeper terracotta or amber. Think saffron, cinder-toffee, maple, copper and delicious gold-tinged shades.

Tangerine Ford Ranger
Supercars and concept cars are often seen in vivid, attention-grabbing colours such as orange, but recently a whole host of cars have debuted in orange too. The new Nissan Micra, Kia Sportage (see full Kia Sportage review here) and 2012 Ford Ranger were all released in orange, and theyre definitely not supercars!

Orange Flame Bentley Continental GT


Orange is a bold choice, one thats hopefully increasingly gaining acceptance. Younger consumers are more likely to opt for these sorts of colours, so maybe in the future well see a bit of a resurgence. Personally we love people who have the courage to buy an orange car and would like to see more of them on the roads.
For now well just keep doing double takes when we spot a sensational orange car on the streets!
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