Proof That Supercars Can Be Practical

Just because you’ve got a Ferrari or Lamborghini doesn’t mean you cant carry your bike on it, or even pull a trailer full of your gear. We prove that supercars can in fact be surprisingly practical.

Lots of people like to drive to ski resorts when they want some piste action. Buying a Koenigsegg wont stop you doing this, as you can order the Agera R with a ski box that will carry two pairs of skis and boots. The ski box alone costs 17,500, but you can go up to 186mph with it on!

You might think that buying a Ferrari would mean you couldn’t use it to pull a trailer. Well this aftermarket tow-bar it means you can. Here its fitted to a 360, no word on whether it could manage a horse box though.

Ferrari tow bar

There are lots of bike racks on sale that claim to fit on the back of any car, it looks like one may even work on the back of a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Lamborghini bikerack

Below is evidence that you dont need to buy a 4×4 to pull a caravan, a Maserati GranTurismo will do the job just fine!

The last photo is absolute proof that supercars can be practical. The 911 GT3 may have a roll-bar in the back instead of seats, but it can still carry a bike and pull a trailer full of stuff!

Porsche trailer bike rack




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