The world’s most famous car collectors

A look at the most famous car collectors. The list includes some celebrities, royals and musicians. These people own some of the best and biggest personal car collections in the world.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans Ferrari Auction

Chris Evans, the Radio 2 DJ, loves classic Ferraris. At one point he was rumoured to own about nine of them, all painted in white. He made headlines in 2008 when he bought a Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder for £5.6 million. He then hit them again two years later when at an auction he bought a 1963 Ferrari 250 GT for £12m.

What’s fantastic is that he’s not afraid to drive his vintage cars, he’s regularly seen out and about in them.

Sultan of Brunei

Bentley estate

The man with the most famous car collection of all is the Sultan of Brunei. In 2006 a list appeared online which claimed to reveal some of the cars in his collection, it included 9 McLaren F1s, 130 Rolls-Royces and 199 Ferraris.

His garage is known to contain a number of custom made cars, included Bentley 4x4s, Ferrari estates and stretch Range Rovers. If you were to name any supercar built in the last 30 years, then chances are he’ll have at least one of them!

Jay Kay

Jay Kay car collection

Another self-confessed car nut, Jay Kay, the front-man for the band Jamiroquai, has an excellent collection of cars. Our favourites include a Ferrari Enzo, Mercedes 300SL and his beautiful red Lamborghini Miura. Other toys include a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Mercedes G-Wagon and Aston Martin DB5.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Bugatti

Ralph Lauren is a regular on the American concours scene and he’s got an incredible collection of cars to show off. He has a huge garage full of classic Ferraris, many modern supercars, including a Murcielago SV, and some incredibly valuable 1930s Bugattis.

If we could choose just one car from his collection, we’d go for the elegant 1929 Bentley Blower.

Jerry Seinfeld

Seinfeld Porsches

Jerry Seinfeld, star of the self-titled Seinfeld show, is a massive Porsche fan. He has so many cars that he rents a hangar at an airport to keep them in. His Porsche collection is rumoured to include a 959, 550 painted in the same colour as James Dean’s and a 1600 Speedster. There are also numerous 911s and a lot of modern Porsches, including a Panamera Turbo.

Nick Mason

Nick Mason cars

Nick Mason is the drummer for Pink Floyd, and has one of the best personal collections in Britain. Like many of the men on this list, he has a passion for vintage Ferraris and Bugattis. His garage includes a Type 35 Bugatti, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari F40 and a Jaguar D Type.

You may have seen a few of his cars on Top Gear before, he’s even written a book about the cars he’s owned.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno car collection

Jay Leno, the American chat show host, is very open about the contents of his spectacular garage, he even has a website with photographs and details of what’s inside. The diversity of cars he owns is spectacular, it includes three-wheel cars, steam-powered cars, planes and even a vintage milk truck!

Our personal highlight is the stunning Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic.

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