Top 10 Weirdest Car Colour Names

Recently we brought you the news that Land Rover would soon be offering their new Range Rover in “Spectral colours” – straight from the factory floor.

TVR were perhaps most synonymous with such colour schemes. When spec’d, the pearlescent paint made the car look as though it was changing colour before your very eyes, depending on what angle you were looking at it from and in what light.
Sadly, the availability of such paint is rare. Churchill the car insurers, found that silver is Britain’s most popular hue – accounting for a quarter of all cars sold last year – followed, not closely, by blue and black. The colour in which we order our cars is typically limited by the shades on offer by the manufacturer, thereby accounting for our apparent lack of imagination when it comes to speccing our latest rides.
Some manufacturers have bucked the silver-train though, by offering their cars in colours loud enough to rouse roadkill from the dead. Ford, for example, and Fiat.
What interests us most about car colours though, are their names. No-one buys a “silver” car anymore – they buy “Titanium Grey” cars, or “Moonstone Metallic” cars. As such, what follows is carwow’s Top 10 Ridiculous Car Colours – by name – that are available for you to order today, in the UK. Do let us know if we’ve missed any howlers out…

10: Vauxhall: “Sunny Melon”

Vauxhall Sunny Melon
Or “yellow”, if you’d prefer…

9: Mini: “Highclass Grey”

MINI Highclass Grey
True, certain colours are typically associated with luxury, for example. But saying so ruins it completely. Sorry.

8: Vauxhall “Carbon Flash”

Carbon Flash
“Nice car! Really like the colour, I’ve always liked black cars…”
“Ah – you mean Carbon Flash!”

7: Jaguar: “Caviar”

Jaguar Caviar
Jaguar being typically “old money” there…

6: Aston Martin: “Hardly Green”

Aston hardly green
Aston, nothing if not honest…

5: Ferrari: “Blu Pozzi”

Blue Pozzi Ferrari
The internet reliably tells us “Blu Pozzi” could translate as “Blue Shafts” in English…There isn’t a “Rosso Pozzi”, we checked…

4: Ford: “Squeeze”

Ford Squeeze
“Squeeze”…your nose and this is roughly the colour of the result…

3: Fiat “Countrypolitain”

Countrypolitan Fiat
Who even knows what that means?

2: Mini: “Iced Chocolate”

MINI Iced Chocolate
The colour of this Highgate Edition Mini is called “Iced Chocolate”, the colour of the soft top is “Silvertouched Truffle”, and the interior “Dark Truffle”…honestly.

1: Ford “Tangerine Scream”

Ford Tangerine Scream
Ford of Britain is based in Essex. Rumour had it this particular hue was going to be called “Tanning Bed Bronze”…
This was guest post from Churchill
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