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Audi A4 colours guide and prices

The latest Audi A4 is one of the firm’s most crucial model launches in recent years. Not only does it face the same stiff competition it always has from the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class, but the release of the Jaguar XE and Alfa Romeo Giulia could see it fall further down the pecking order if it isn’t up to scratch.

As you’ll find in our A4 review, it’s more refined, more comfortable and more efficient than ever, but how about the cosmetics? We’ve taken a look at the colour range of the Audi A4 to see what sort of customisation options are available to buyers.

Read our paint types guide for a full breakdown of the differences between solid, metallic and pearlescent paints.

Solid paint finishes

Two no-cost finishes are offered to buyers of the A4. It’s a practice employed by many car companies, and it makes this pair ideal for those on a budget.

Ibis White – £0

This bright, crisp white suits the clean lines of the A4 well, and is likely to be one of the more popular choices in the A4 range. It will need care and attention to keep it that way, though – white cars are more difficult than any other to keep clean.

Brilliant Black – £0

This glossy black finish is the second A4 shade which doesn’t add a penny to the asking price. The finish is deep and glossy, and can match the quality of the pricier options here.

Metallic paint finishes

In total, there are 12 metallic shades in the A4’s colour pallet, all priced at the same £645. It’s a popular option to pick, as it will make the car more desirable on the used car market.

Argus Brown – £645

Whether you’re a fan of brown or not, you can’t deny that it’s better at hiding dirt than most other colours. This is a really deep, rich shade of brown too, so it works well with the A4’s chrome grille.

Cuvée Silver – £645

A subtle hint of gold gives Cuvée Silver a more mature look than the other choices here. It also gives it a better resistance to scruffiness when unwashed.

Floret Silver – £645

Silver Audis are always going to be in high demand on the used market, so there will be no worries about dodgy residual values here – you’ll get as much money as possible back when it’s time to sell.

Glacier White – £645

As with the solid Ibis White, Glacier is likely to be one of the most desirable shades in the range, due to the current love of white gadgets. This one differs from Ibis White by way of metallic flakes giving it a really lovely sparkly under bright lights.

Gotland Green – £645

A shade which wouldn’t seem out of place on a Jaguar or other British marque’s creation, we’re not convinced that Gotland Green will a particularly popular choice on the A4.

Manhattan Grey – £645

The darkest of the A4’s three shades of grey, Manhattan is likely to become a desirable choice for the A4, and no doubt will be on the used market, too.

Matador Red – £645

A classy shade of dark red won’t be the most commonly chosen option in the range, but it shouldn’t be too much of a financial risk, either. The standard level of muck that the car will collect on the average commute won’t show up to conspicuously.

Monsoon Grey – £645

A frequently chosen paint finish throughout the Audi lineup, which guarantees that demand will be high come trade-in time.

Moonlight Blue – £645

A dark, subtle blue which won’t be quite as popular as the greys and silvers, but should attract enough attention in the used market.

Mythos Black – £645

The second black paint finish adds metallic flake for a premium of £645. Because it’s an option that’s popular with used car buyers it will likely be worth the majority of that extra outlay over Brilliant Black.

Scuba Blue – £645

This brighter, more lively blue will suit sporty S-Line models well. blue cars are very big sellers generally, which means that trade-in values will be competitive in a few years time.

Tango Red – £645

As with Scuba blue, a vibrant shade of red will compeiment sportier trim levels and larger alloy wheels. It’s best to keep it clean to make the most of that metallic flake.

Daytona Grey Pearl – £645

Special finishes like Daytona Grey are generally reserved for the more expensive or exclusive models in the range, and that remains the case here: it’s only possible for S-Line models to be paired in this colour.

In the image above, the pearl-effect finish is paired with the £550 Black Styling Pack. This replaces the exterior chrome trim for items painted black, endowing the A4 with a much meaner, sportier look.

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