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Audi Q2 colours and price guide

A broad selection of colours is available on the Audi Q2, ranging from tried-and-tested metallic greys and blacks to more vibrant and striking shades of reds and greens. You can check out all of the paint options and their prices in our handy guide below.

  • Brilliant Black
  • Ibis White
  • Turbo Blue
  • Apple Green
  • Arrow Grey
  • Daytona Grey
  • Floret Silver
  • Glacier White
  • Manhattan Grey
  • Mythos Black
  • Navarra Blue
  • Tango Red

Brilliant Black – No cost option

Of the Audi Q2’s three no-cost paint options, Brilliant Black is perhaps the least controversial. While the solid shade doesn’t have the sparkly finish of an equivalent metallic colour, it is nevertheless a smart and inoffensive hue that also contrasts nicely with trim pieces like the silver surrounds for the grille and bumper. Do bear in mind, though, that you can only spec Brilliant Black on the entry-level Audi Q2.

Ibis White – No cost option

Like Brilliant Black, Ibis White is also a decent colour option if you’ve ruled out paying extra for a coat of paint. The bright white helps complement the car’s blocky styling, and the fact it’s a solid finish means it’s also a bit simpler to remove marks and blemishes than an equivalent metallic or pearlescent shade of white. However, as with every shade of white paint on a car, it also shows up dirt and grime very easily.

Turbo Blue – No cost option

Turbo Blue may only have a basic solid finish, but the bright hue makes it one of the most striking colour choices available on the Audi Q2. The lighter tone is in stark contrast to the Q2’s darker colour options, and helps make the car stand out in traffic. However, that boldness may put some used car buyers off, and the bright colour means it will require fairly regular cleaning in order to look factory fresh.

Apple Green – £575

Perhaps more striking still than Turbo Blue is the Apple Green paintwork you see here. Not only is it a very unconventional shade for a mainstream car, but the colour is made even more dazzling by the sheen of its metallic finish. Because a very slim minority of new cars in the UK are painted green, you likely won’t encounter many other Apple Green Audi Q2s on the road – though that may also mean it’ll be a bit harder to find a buyer when you sell the car on the used market.

Arrow Grey – £575

At the other end of the scale to the out-there Apple Green is the comparatively safer and more sensible Arrow Grey. While it admittedly isn’t as exciting a colour, it is still light enough to complement the Q2’s bold design, and also has the upside of potentially being a popular choice with used car buyers. However, because it’s a relatively bright colour, it will mean other road users will clearly know whether you’ve recently given the car a thorough clean or not.

Daytona Grey – £575

The marginally lighter of the two dark greys available on the Audi Q2, Daytona Grey is one of the car’s many uncontroversial colour options. Its dark tone should also mean Daytona Grey is a good choice if you’re after a colour that can disguise dirt and grime well, and the pearlescent finish should give the colour a nice and deep tone in direct sunlight.

Floret Silver – £575

While grey has been a more popular colour with new car buyers in recent years, silver is still a good choice if you’re after a smart-looking shade that won’t turn punters away on the used car market. As a result, it’s definitely worth considering Floret Silver on your new Audi Q2 – though do bear in mind that you can only specify this colour on the entry-level Sport trim.

Glacier White – £575

On the car configurator renders, there isn’t a huge amount of difference between Ibis White and the colour above, Glacier White. However, it should be a bit easier to tell the two colours apart out on the road – because Glacier White has a metallic finish, it should sparkle a bit more in direct sunlight than the solid Ibis White.

Manhattan Grey – £575

In comparison with Daytona Grey, Manhattan Grey has a slightly darker hue to it. That means it should do a good job at disguising any grit and grime that’s accumulated on the bodywork, and helps to make bodywork features like the silver trim accents stand out a bit more. Like many of the other colours available on the Audi Q2, Manhattan Grey is also a metallic colour, which helps give the paintwork a smart-looking sheen.

Mythos Black – £575

Like the solid shade of Brilliant Black featured earlier, Mythos Black is a smart-looking and inoffensive colour that should be popular with used car buyers – not least because the metallic finish lets it sparkle in direct sunlight. Depending on which version you go for, Mythos Black may also be the only black you can spec on the Audi Q2: whereas Brilliant Black is only offered on entry-level versions, Mythos Black is available across the Q2 range.

Navarra Blue – £575

Want a smart and uncontroversial colour for your new Audi Q2 that isn’t a tried-and-tested monochrome shade? Then it may be worth having a closer look at Navarra Blue, which strikes a good balance between being subtle while at the same time a less obvious choice than your typical greys, blacks and whites.

Tango Red – £575

Not all cars can pull off being painted in a bright shade of red. Audi seems to think the Q2 does, though, as Tango Red is a colour that’s available across the range. It’s a vibrant shade that we reckon works well on Q2 versions with sportier styling, though it’s not too bright to require constant cleaning or put off too many used car buyers.


Audi Q2

A good-looking and well-built small SUV
£23,860 - £45,240
Read review Compare offers

Audi Q2

A good-looking and well-built small SUV
£23,860 - £45,240
Read review Compare offers