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Audi Q3 colours guide and prices

The Audi Q3 is a premium, compact SUV that competes with the Mercedes GLA and Range Rover Evoque. We’ve put together this colours guide to help you decide what shade to pick. Your colour choice is important – the right one will be easy to sell on and keep clean while the wrong one will take an age to resell and forever need scrubbing.

If you’re unsure about the different types of paint finish, our car paint types guide explains the differences between solid, metallic and special finishes. See how much you could save on your new car – our Audi Q3 deals page will make sure you get a great price.

Solid paints

Shell White – £0

Shell White is the first of two no-cost options for the Q3. It’s a bright white and will be popular on the used market so you shouldn’t have a problem selling it on. White picks up road grime like iron filings to a magnet so you’ll need regular trips to the carwash to keep it looking good.

Brilliant Black – £0

Most cars look good in black, and the Q3 is no exception. Used buyers will flock to this shade making it a sensible choice for resale values. Unlike most dark colours, black shows up dirt very quickly and reveals swirls from cheap car washes so don’t cut corners when cleaning it.

Metallic paints

Floret silver – £550

Floret Silver has a pleasing metallic finish but you’ll pay £550 for the privilege. It’s not the most daring choice you could make but, considering this hue’s popularity, it’ll be easy to sell on. Like most light shades, dirt will show up quickly so budget for plenty of car washes.

Cuvee Silver – £525

This silver is lighter than Floret Silver but second hand buyers will be equally happy with it so it should be easy to get rid of when the time comes. It might sparkle when clean, but it won’t be anywhere near as good at hiding road grime compared to darker alternatives.

Mythos Black – £550

It’s difficult to justify paying for a colour that’s available as a no cost option but, in the case of Mythos Black, you’ll get a much deeper finish than Brilliant Black. Used buyers are keen on black cars so reselling will be easy. Like the other black, plenty of washing will be needed to keep it looking sharp.

Glacier White – £550

As the name suggests, Glacier white is a frostier colour than the solid option thanks to the metallic effect. While it might sparkle, it’ll be just as hard to keep clean. That aside, it’ll be popular on the used market and will hold the car’s value well.

Utopia Blue – £550

While it isn’t as flashy as some colours, Utopia Blue suits the Q3’s lines extremely well. It’ll do a decent job of concealing dirt for as long as possible, too. While it won’t be as popular as whites or silvers, it shouldn’t be a hassle to get rid of on the used market.

Monsoon Grey – £550

This metallic grey hue looks great on the Q3. Like most colours you can choose for your Q3, it’ll be a doddle to get rid of because grey is a sought-after colour for used buyers. It won’t need to see a carwash too often, either.

Tundra Brown – £550

Recent years have seen a renaissance of brown shades, so used buyers should be fairly easy to find. This shade has a bronze hue that will hide dirt fantastically meaning you’ll rarely need to visit a car wash.

Hainan Blue – £550

By far the brightest metallic colour on the chart and, while most will opt for a more understated shade, this one suits extroverts well. Resale values of brighter colours are often lower than safer shades and, being such a bright hue, you’ll have to keep on top of the road grime to keep it looking its best.

Pearlescent paints

Misano Red – £525

Along with Hainen Blue, Misano Red is another vibrant colour. While it looks great on all Q3s, opt for the S-Line model and it’ll contrast those flared wheel arches nicely. While it won’t be as popular as grey or silver, red cars aren’t usually a hassle when it comes to selling them on. Make sure you wash it once in a while and it’ll stay looking good for some time.

Daytona Grey – £550

Daytona Grey is only available if you spec your Q3 in S-Line or S-Line Plus guise and, while similar to Monsoon Grey, its deep shine will only add to the beefed-up body and the big alloy wheels. Low maintenance and a good resale value are also in this colour’s favour.

Sepang Blue – £0

While it’s a no-cost option, you’ll have to pay the hefty £45,000 price tag for the RS Q3 if you want Sepang Blue and it’s arguably similar to the cheaper Hainan Blue. It’s slightly darker and more regal so suits the car well but, unless you’re going for the RS Q3, you’ll have to pick something else.

Save money on your Audi Q3

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Audi Q3 (2015-2017)

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