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Our best blog posts of 2011

2011 was the first full year that carwow has been running, so in this unashamedly egotistical post we reminisce over the blog posts that we’ve enjoyed writing most.

carwow solely exists to help new car buyers, but we like to use our blog to have a bit of fun, keep readers updated on news, share some advice and get a bit of attention for the site. Here are our favourites:

101 Essential Twitter Car People to Follow

We’ve found Twitter to be a great way to meet new people and discover cool stuff, so decided to put a list together of 101 people who tweet interesting stuff. There are some hilarious, very smart and amazingly talented people on the list that are well worth following. 

How Drivers Can Be More Cyclist Aware

What started off as an idea to get a bit of coverage for the site within the bike community, ended up being our most successful post yet. The post went viral across cycling sites around the world, was mentioned in The Observer and so far has recevied over 2,000 tweets and 1,000 likes. It seems we had clearly found a pain point for cyclists and were overjoyed to have spread the safety message so far. 

All the Cars at the Geneva Motorshow Infographic

All our infographics are designed by Alexandra Margolis, one of our co-founders. This was the first we ever made and involved an extremely tiring day traipsing around the massive Geneva motorshow in order to photograph every single car present. The process was painful, but the results very worthwhile, with coverage from a number of our favourite auto sites, including Autoblog and Ride Lust.

10 Signs You’re a True Car Geek

This was probably the quickest blog post we’ve ever banged out. Those of us on the editorial side are colossal car geeks, so it really didn’t take long to list ten signs to verify you’re a bonafied geek. Many followers of ours on Twitter were quick to agree/confess to most, or often all, of these signs!

What it takes to be an F1 Champion Infographic

This was an infographic that actually required a bit of research, so a complex spreadsheet was produced into which hours of research was devoted to. The result was an infographic that we were delighted to see shared across loads of F1 sites and be featured on Jalopnik. 

Top 10 Zombie Proof Vehicles

In this highly useful consumer information article we took a look at what crazy vehicles there are in the world that would be most useful if/when the zombie apocalypse finally comes. How this is  particularly useful to new car buyers we’re still not quite sure, but it was definitely a lot of fun to produce. 

The Worst Car-Related Gifts You Could Receive This Christmas

An article that took us about 30 mins to create one Friday afternoon ended up getting a mention in the Daily Mail and a rather odd interview on BBC Radio Coventry, on which the presenter was poorly informed and so introduced me as the inventor of ‘car pants’, a title I quickly had to deny. 

10 Best Car Films Ever

Another post with thoroughly enjoyable essential ‘research’ involved. Not everyone in the comments were entirely happy with the final list, but that’s the fun of it!

Most Complained About Jeremy Clarkson Quotes

Our most recent infographic was, at the time, quite timely. With Clarkson making the news yet again for outlandish comments, our infographic did quite nicely, with sites including Edmunds Inside Line and The Truth About Cars kindly featuring it. 

Eterniti Motors – Who are They?

Eterniti created a surprising amount of buzz when they first revealed themselves as a new brand by publishing the most mysterious press release ever. We managed to do some digging into the company behind them which revealed some interesting facts. Then over the next day or so there was a hoax Twitter account which completely fooled us, and a couple of other sites, and lead us astray. It was all very bizzarre, and rather disappointing in the end to find the Eterniti was actually just another boring SUV tuner, not a new manufacturer at all.
We’ve got some hugely ambitious plans launching 2012, which will keep us incredibly busy, but we’ve recently brought on board some great talent which will mean less sporadic, better written and more insightful posts can be expected. 
As the founder of carwow I’d like to wish all our readers the best for 2012. Cheers!
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