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Citroen DS5 colours guide and prices

The DS5 is one of the most striking cars on the road today. It’s certainly one of the most fashionable, inside and out.

Updates in 2015 mean that the DS5 no longer carries the Citroen name in its title, and there are no Citroen badges on the car – DS is now a standalone brand.

As you’d expect from an upmarket French car, the DS5 is all about style, and the best way to maximise the je ne sais quoi is by choosing the right colour. Let’s take a look at the colours available and remember – we have a paint types guide for a more in-depth look at the varieties of car paint on offer these days.

Solid paint

Hurricane Grey – £0

This is the only no-cost paint option available for the DS5, and it’s a classy colour that contrasts extremely well with the chrome details dotted about the car. It’ll disguise road grime really well and it won’t be a problem to sell on when the time comes.

Metallic paint

Shark Grey – £600

Like Hurricane Grey, Shark Grey is a classy colour, but it’s a metallic finish, so it’ll have an extra sparkle in bright sunlight compared to the solid colour above. To really make this colour stand out, we’d recommend adding the Dark Sport Signature pack which adds black-capped door mirrors and some matt-black 19-inch alloy wheels for that extra added contrast.

Ink Blue – £600

If you don’t want a break from black, silver or grey then Ink Blue could be the colour for you. It’s a rich shade of blue that contrasts nicely with the DS5’s chrome trims – we think it’ll be a rare sight, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t plump for it.

Vapour Grey – £600

A lighter shade than Shark Grey, Vapour Grey is for those wanting their new DS5 to look as conservative as possible without conforming to the usual array of silvers and greys.

Whisper Purple – £600

This colour is for the more extroverted DS5 buyers. If you want to live the full DS stylish lifestyle then this will be the colour for you. It’s a deep rich purple which is sure to attract a few passers by and kerbside kudos points.

To add a bit more flair, you can opt for the Faubourg pack which adds a differently designed set of alloy wheels, door mirrors with the DS logo etched into them and some roof stickers.

Perla Nera Black – £600

This is the only black available for the DS5. Black is a timeless colour and it suits the DS5’s businesslike looks – although it’ll show up dirt more easily than other shades, so expect regular trips to the local car wash!

Arctic Steel – £600

Arctic Steel is similar in many ways to Vapour Grey, but with less of a hint of beige. If you want your DS5 to slip under the radar then this is the colour to have. It doesn’t particularly contrast with the chrome detailing well and it does slightly mask the distinctive lines that make the DS5 such a good-looking car.

Pearlescent paint

White Pearlescent – £730

This is the only white available for the DS5 and you’ll have to pay for it – it’s a pearlescent paint so you’ll have to cough up £730. Pearlescent paints differ from metallic paints because they refract different colours of light depending on the angle of the light.

As with all white cars it’ll need a lot of cleaning in winter months, but it’ll hold its value well when you come to sell it – white cars are very popular right now.

DS5 colour options

Dark Sport Signature Pack – £650

Available regardless of which paint colour you choose, this pack gives the car black-capped door mirrors as well as bigger 19-inch mat black ‘Cairns’ alloy wheels. If you don’t want the black-capped door mirrors then you can have the matt-black alloys for £425.

Faubourg Pack – £975

Only available on cars sprayed in Whisper Purple, Perla Nera Black and White Pearlescent, the Faubourg Pack adds 19-inch grey ‘Cairns’ alloy wheels, semi transparent DS roof stickers and DS laser-etched door mirrors.

Save money on the DS5

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