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Ford Mondeo, Estate & Vignale colours guide

The new Ford Mondeo is certain to be popular with buyers. Whether in hatchback, Estate or luxurious Vignale form, the big family car is a handsome choice for families. To make the most of the car’s looks you need to choose the right colour .

To help you make that decision, we’ve put together a guide showing the colours available for the Mondeo and how much they cost. Put the Ford Mondeo, the Estate or the Vignale in our car configurator to see how much you could save. For more info on what the different types of paint mean, read out car paint types guide.


Blazer Blue – £0

Available on all models except the Vignale, Blazer Blue is a deep royal blue that suits the silhouette of the Mondeo nicely. It contrasts well with the chrome grill and the daytime LED running lights. Used buyers won’t be put off by it and it’ll go for a while before needing a clean.

Frozen White – £250

One of two whites available, Frozen White works especially well with the dark contrasts surrounding the car. Like all white paints, it needs to be cleaned and polished on a regular basis to keep that gleaming look but should hold its value well on the used market.


Panther Black/Vignale Black – £545 (£0 on Vignale models)

This is the darkest option for the Mondeo and one which suits the car well. It’ll be a very popular choice – especially amongst business users – and won’t need very frequent cleaning.

Moondust Silver – £545

Available on all models apart from the Vignale range, Moondust Silver is a light, traditional silver. This means it’ll sell easily on the used market. Moondust Silver will show up road grime more readily than other choices so budget for car washes.

Magnetic/Vignale Silver – £545 (£0 on Vignale models)

Available on all models, Magnetic/Vignale Silver sways more towards the grey end of the spectrum. This is a good colour for those who want a classy and understated look without going for the usual black or silver options. It will hide road grime extremely well and it’ll sell pretty well in the classifieds.

Deep Impact Blue – £545

Lighter than Blazer Blue and with extra metallic elements, Deep Impact Blue will certainly be a more attractive option when the sun is shining. Road grime will show up fairly quickly so it’ll need cleaning on a regular basis but used buyers will be happy to take it off your hands. It’s not available on Vignale models.

Guard – £545

Only available on Zetec, Titanium and Titanium HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) models, Guard is extremely similar to the Magnetic/Vignale Silver except with a hint of green. It’s a classy colour and should hide road grime well. It won’t be as popular as the traditional monochrome range but is a good choice for more extrovert buyers.

Tectonic Silver – £545

Only available on Zetec, Titanium and Titanium HEV models, Tectonic Silver is similar to Moonshine with a hint of beige added. It’ll need cleaning on a regular basis but will hide road grime well. It won’t be as popular as some of the colours here but that shouldn’t put people off when the time comes to sell the vehicle on.

Vignale Nocciola – £250

Only available on the Vignale range, Vignale Nocciola is a much lighter shade than Guard with a pronounced hint of gold running through it. It’ll hide road grime pretty well but it’ll need cleaning regularly to keep that signature Vignale image gleaming away.

Special Metallic

White Platinum/Vignale White – £795 (£545 on Vignale models)

The other white option for the Mondeo, this shade isn’t as bright as Frozen White, but with its metallic properties, it has a classier and more stylish look. It’ll sell extremely easily on the used car markets but make sure it’s taken to the local car wash on a regular basis because it won’t hide road grime very well.

Ruby Red – £795

Only available on Zetec, Titanium and Titanium HEV models, Ruby Red is for those who don’t want to conform to usual blacks, whites and silvers on so many premium vehicles. Despite being the most vibrant choice, it isn’t an in-your-face shade – striking a good balance of brightness and subtlety. It won’t be as popular as some of the colours in this list, but there shouldn’t be any problems when the time comes to sell the vehicle on.

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