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VW Golf Mk7 vs Mk6 – What’s Different?

You might not see much visual difference between Volkswagens latest Golf and its predecessor, but under the skin the latest car is full of improvements.
But what will you actually gain from going for the newest model? Weve taken a look at the statistics to see what progress has been made.


Continuing a trend weve seen ever since the first VW Golf, the Mk7 model has grown in relation to its predecessor. Its 150mm longer, 13mm wider and slightly lower, but only by 4mm.
Model-for-model the new car is lighter too – dropping from 1229 kg in the old 1.2 TSI, to 1205 kg for the new model. Some variants are up to 100kg lighter, on the new MQB platform.
Aerodynamics have improved too – the new car is 10 percent more aerodynamic than the old model, with a drag coefficient of 0.27 – not far off a Toyota Prius.
Golf Mk7 Front
Golf Mk7
Golf Mk6 Front Golf Mk6

Volkswagen Golf

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