Honda CR-V colours guide and prices

The Honda CR-V is a five-seat SUV that’s consistently praised its robust interior, practicality and generous equipment levels. Your choice of colour can seriously affect resale ease, and how regular your car wash visits are going to be, so it pays to choose smartly.

If you’re taken with this reliable SUV, put the Honda CR-V in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. Take a look at our car paint types guide to understand the differences between solid, pearl and metallic hues.

Solid colours

Deep Ocean Blue – £0

This particular deep blue shade will be a popular choice, considering one AA report in July suggested blue had overtaken silver as the car hue of choice, so reselling is unlikely to take too long. It should hide dirt for longer than paler colours, if not as long as black.

Metallic colours

Alabaster Silver – £550

Alabaster is a pale shade of silver, so will become grimy nearly as easy as a white model. The metallic finish gives it a smart shine and a sleek appearance meaning you’re unlikely to find a used buyer put off by this shade.

Golden Bronze – £550

This is a dark bronze shade that’s almost cappuccino in colour. It’s a tad unusual, so may not be to everyone’s taste meaning reselling could potentially be a tad sluggish. You’ll certainly stand out on the road, though, and this shade is easier than some to keep clean.

Polished Metal – £550

This is quite a rich dark silver which, especially given the metallic sheen, will make your CR-V look sophisticated. It’s a consistently popular colour, so you should have the buyers banging on your door when you sell it on. This colour’s depth cuts you some serious slack when it comes to getting away with longer spells between cleans.

Twilight Blue – £550

This restrained metallic blue is an inspired choice if you fancy a break from monochrome shades. Apart from the old staples of white, grey, silver and black, blue will be one of the easiest shades for selling on. It won’t offer dirt a hiding place for ever, but it will stay clean for longer than white.

Urban Titanium – £550

Another of the more unusual shades, Urban Titanium is a blend of grey and brown. It’s still pretty restrained, but could take longer to find a buyer for than more conventional colours. You won’t be washing it every five minutes, but it’ll take more regular cleaning than a dark grey model to keep it grime-free.

Pearl colours

Crystal Black – £550

A good choice for executive models, this is a glossy, deep black. Black is one of the most widely bought shades on the spectrum, meaning you’ll find it very easy to sell this colour on. It’ll hide dirt for some time but don’t cut corners when you wash it – cheap washes will leave swirl marks in the paintwork.

Passion Red – £550

Stand out on the school run or at the traffic lights with this pearlescent red. It might take longer to sell on than more subdued hues thanks to being a more extroverted shade. It’ll stay clean longer than paler models but will need more frequent cleaning than grey colours to keep it looking good.

White Orchid – £550

This is a glossy, almost dazzling white which will sell on in no time, considering white’s current popularity. If your mileage tends to be high, bear in mind that no colour will highlight every last speck of grime more rapidly than white.

What next?

Put the Honda CR-V in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. Still undecided about your next car? Our car chooser should be able to help. At the same time, our deals page gives you even more ideas and more to think about.

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